PopeWatch: That Was Close

News PopeWatch missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


GREENSBURY, AZ—Local Catholic woman Gabriella Perez was getting ready to tell her friend about her Catholic faith Monday morning. Her friend had expressed her agnosticism over the existence of God, and Perez prepared to share some reasons for her faith.

Unfortunately, before Perez was able to give a reason for the hope that is in her, a lurking Pope Francis leaped out of a nearby shrubbery and slapped her across the face for attempting to proselytize.

“Bad Catholic!” Pope Francis cried as he unleashed a devastating open-handed slap. As Perez recovered, Francis continued his lecture, wagging his finger at the stunned woman. “You’re not supposed to evangelize — do you want people to feel uncomfortable or something? What if she has her own worldview that’s no less valid than your own? You’re gonna make Catholics look judgmental, which is utterly opposed to the God of the Bible who never judged anybody.”

Go here to read the rest.  Once again Bee, stick with satire and leave straight news reporting to others.

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  1. Excellent. Yes “Pope” Francis, Catholicism is a very scary religion and should be abolished. The world should thank you for ridding us of such anti-human, fearful and repressive thinking. Love, mercy, uninhibited sexual expression, wealth redistribution and the earth’s ecology are what’s really important.

  2. Proselytism and evangelism aren’t the same thing, although I confess I’m not sure Pope Francis knows the difference. (Gabriella sharing her reason for hope good; her unbelieving friend converting bad?)

    Also I’m not sure proselytism is always bad. See Luke 14:23.

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