Pain and the Unborn


Science is always on the pro-life side:


Unborn babies may be able to feel pain before reaching 24 weeks, say scientists – meaning they could suffer as they are being aborted.

Until now, the consensus of medical opinion has been that foetuses cannot feel pain before 24 weeks’ gestation, after which abortion is illegal in Britain except in special cases.

But two medical researchers, including a ‘pro-choice’ British pain expert who used to think there was no chance foetuses could feel pain that early, say recent studies strongly suggest the assumption is incorrect.

The studies indicate unborn babies might be able to feel ‘something like pain’ as early as 13 weeks, they say.

Women going for abortions who have reached this stage of pregnancy should be told the foetus could experience pain while being terminated, they argue. And medical staff should ask if the woman wants it to be given pain relief.

Go here to read the rest.  Every member of the party of science, the Democrats, running for elective office, should be asked what they think about this.


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  1. Most Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is true that a larger percentage of Democrats opposed it then did Republicans.

    The original House version:

    Democratic Party: 152–96   (61–39%)
    Republican Party: 138–34   (80–20%)

    Cloture in the Senate:[22]

    Democratic Party: 44–23   (66–34%)
    Republican Party: 27–6   (82–18%)

    The Senate version:

    Democratic Party: 46–21   (69–31%)
    Republican Party: 27–6   (82–18%)

    The Senate version, voted on by the House:

    Democratic Party: 153–91   (63–37%)
    Republican Party: 136–35   (80–20%)
  2. I fear that most of the Dems would react the same way: “I personally oppose abortion and the pain that it causes the foetus who may kinda feel being cut up or vacuumed out recently discovered by somebody, somewhere but I cannot impose my beliefs on any one. This is a decision that only a woman and her doctor can make. “

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