Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Wulfstan

Woe then to him who has earned for himself the torments of Hell. There there is everlasting fire roiling painfully, and there there is everlasting filth. There there is groaning and moaning and always constant wailing. There there is every kind of misery, and the press of every kind of devil. Woe to him who dwells in torment: better it were for him that he were never born, than that he become thus.

Saint Wulfstan

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  1. A few years back,an acquaintance who was an award-winning religious education teacher for many years—two decades— at Saint Helen’s in Phoenix brought up the apparitions of Our Lady Of Fatima and inevitably the topic of the Vision of Hell to the three children came up.

    One of the parents was incensed when one of the children later asked the parent about Hell and the message of our Lady. It didn’t matter that is one of the four last things we used to believe and teach in the former Catholic religion. The teacher was summarily fired, for “scaring” the children.

    And St. Wulfstan. Wulfstan were he to preach today would at least be sent to sensitivity re-education camp left on “pending assignment.”

    And Our Lady would have been ordered not to “scare the children.”

  2. and yet as teens they pay to sit through all sorts of films with blasting surround sound on huge screens that deal with horror and evil supernatural.

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