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  1. Leftist non sequitur isms
    “No one can be trusted with a firearm so give them all to me!!!”

    “It’s a dangerous world, disarm yourself!”

    “You’ll be safer if you’re unprotected.”

    “We defend the People’s Constitution.. when we like what it says.”

  2. “Your Safe In A Gun-Free Zone.”

    Never Believe A Democrat/Leftist/Liberal.

    The Constitution did not give us rights. It did not guaranty us rights. It prohibited Congress and the government from infringing our rights.

    Our rights don’t come from the Constitution nor with permission from tyrannical elites that hate us – every ordinary American they can’t control – and the uses we make of our freedom.

    Our rights are unalienable and been given to us by Almighty God.

    Governor KKK McBlackface needs to look to NY and CT to see how such unconstitutional laws work. Essentially no one complied (say 600,000 to 800,000 – including me – between CT and NY) and no one was arrested. And, there hasn’t been a mass shooting in NY or CT since January 2013.

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