Yeah, It’s Worth Big Bucks to Send Your Kids to a “Catholic” College



Forty-four faculty members from a Catholic university in Canada have demanded the school apologize for allowing campus ministry to show the wildly successful pro-life film “Unplanned.”

“Unplanned” is a movie about the life of former Texas Planned Parenthood center manager Abby Johnson and recounts how she quit her job in 2009 after having a conversion and renouncing abortion. Its debut across Canada, as well as the United States and worldwide, was met with protests, including two Canadian cinema owners receiving death threats, as reported by LifeSiteNews here.  

The film was screened at King’s University College on January 9

The demand for an apology came in a letter from faculty members this past Wednesday and was addressed to college Principal David Malloy. It described what the faculty called the “furor and fear” expressed by the school community over the fact that the pro-life film was screened on campus. 

“The public endorsement of an anti-abortion stance at King’s University College by the Director of Campus Ministry is of great concern to the viability of our institution as we work to recruit and maintain excellent students, staff and faculty,” the letter stated. 

In response, Malloy said the school “does not have any official position on abortion,” despite the fact that it claims to be a Catholic institution. 

Go here to read the rest.  With “Catholic” higher education, who needs atheists?

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  1. Whenever something like this happens I’d love to see the Catholic college or H.S. remind their obnoxious faculty that they’re free to work elsewhere and invite them to consider doing so. If they”re offended or scandalized so much by Catholic teaching it’s their simple duty to move on.

  2. This simply is more proof that the credentialed swine brainwashing youth are nothing more than ideologues and not especially smart.

    “Unplanned” is the only movie I paid to see in a theater in the past 15 years. Yesterday, Ms. Abby Johnson was interviewed on FOX News yesterday.

    I stopped giving money to my once-Catholic alma mater because of execrable crap like this. The alum office still sends me infuriating brochures with zero Catholic content but far too much propaganda about Hindu, Muslim and LGBTQXYZ students’ organizations.

  3. They know they’re losing.

    Seriously, death threats over a movie?

    Making ludicrous stances like this?

    shakes head Nah. Grasping for control. It’ll go down the drain, just got to be strong and keep doing the right thing.

    Won’t vouch for the schools surviving it when they won’t even be Catholic, though. Saw what happened to the parish schools that became really nice versions of th epublic schools.

  4. The most insulting thing about that insulting letter is the way it equates “excellence” with support for abortion; as if support for infanticide was the enlightened position.

    The only thing more insulting was the weak-sauce response. Does not having an “official” position imply the administration couldn’t prevent the movie from being shown (even though it wanted to), or does it suggest that the pro-abortion lobby is free to show their own movie (if they can find one)? What does the magic 8-ball say?

  5. A pet peeve of mine living in NE, expect:
    $7K per child each year of grade school.
    $14K per child each year of high school.
    $50K per child each year of college.

    That’s ($7Kx8 + $14Kx4 + $50Kx4)
    $312K per child.

    And for that children are taught what?
    Blessed are those without a brother AND sister theirs is the kingdom of god? Blessed be the Pill? Blessed are the those who can afford private schools?

    This article on Unplanned is not surprising to me.

  6. “The most insulting thing about that insulting letter is the way it equates “excellence” with support for abortion; as if support for infanticide was the enlightened position.”
    Yes, ERNST SCHREIBER, I read that too. the least common denominator.

  7. And thank you to the silently politicizing Church hierarchy for nothing enlightening for your children – and allowing such as their being the ‘least common denominator’ to your hirelings.

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