Abortion: The Trade of Killing the Innocent



A former abortionist writes in USA Today that the business of killing the unborn for dollars is, surprise, one that often could care less about the mother:

Kathi Aultman
Opinion contributor

I’ve killed more people than Ted Bundy.


I now give expert testimony on the realities of abortion, like the testimonies the Supreme Court will soon consider in the case of June Medical Services LLC v. Gee.

For years, many abortion clinics have gotten away with shoddy practices that no surgery center would be likely to get away with. This is surely because abortion workers, legislators and law enforcement fear that they will be accused of restricting access to abortion if they hold abortion clinics accountable.

A former manager of an abortion clinic told me that she was instructed to use dish washing liquid to clean their instruments when their sanitizer broke down so they wouldn’t have to close while it was repaired. Inspection reports in multiple states have found clinics not properly sanitizing their instruments. 

A patient who came to me for complications from a late-term abortion said she was kept in a cold room overnight without a blanket during an induction abortion. She was forced to give birth in a toilet the next morning, only to watch her still living baby drown.

Kathi Aultman Atlanta, Georgia, in March 2019.

As a gynecologist on call in the emergency room, I personally treated women experiencing severe complications, including life-threatening hemorrhage and infection from abortions, because no one at the abortion clinic had admitting privileges. No abortion clinic personnel ever called to give me information on a patient they were sending to the ER. This is not a safe way to practice medicine.

When it comes to abortionists being required to have local hospital admitting privileges, the issue the court will consider in Gee, the fact is that many physicians on staff at ambulatory surgical centers are required to have hospital privileges to ensure that patient care is not compromised in the event of a complication.

One of the reasons we are told these safety standards aren’t needed is because abortion is so safe, but we don’t know the true percent of women who experience complications.

Only 28 states require abortion providers to report post-abortion complications, and states are not required to submit abortion data to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Abortion clinics don’t want this information to come out, and providers have taken states to court to try to avoid reporting. 

Go here to read the rest.  It is an illusion that slaying the most innocent among us can be done without tainting and destroying everything it touches.

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  1. Fellow readers, please pray for Virginia Democrat legislators to vote NO today to repealing pro-life laws. The Dems are the majority in both Assembly houses. Repeal would allow just about anyone to perform abortions legally in a “clinic” without sanitation requirements and oversight.
    Save the lives of mothers and their babies. Prayer works! See http://www.familyfoundation.org for more information.

  2. Roe v. Wade was always about the tax payer paying for abortion for “poor women”
    “All the money we could save” Pelosi…slaughtering the Holy Innocents, the standard of Justice for our nation, in the womb.

  3. Whew. That was hard to read. I think we spend so much time focusing on the sins of the past to keep our eyes off of what is happening down the street in our own times.

  4. Good point, Mary as we know some abortionist doctors are converted to life for the unborn. More and more physicians won’t enter that deadly pursuit; hence the VA repeal wanted so that just about anybody can perform abortions and not be prosecuted criminally if something goes awry.
    Yes mostly it’s about the money under guise of women’s rights. No men’s (father’s) to have their children see light of day.
    God bless all in DC and President Trump at the March. PS Hope Covington HS boys are participating, esp Nick.

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