Liawatha: No Wampum Back for You

If Fauxcahontas is the Democrat nominee, the Trump campaign should run the above exchange non-stop in campaign videos.  This hits home.  My son, for example, recently finished paying his sizable student loans off in a two and a half year time period.  (It took my bride and I after we graduated 18 years to pay off our student loans, back when the law mines were newly opened and struggling.)  He did it by taking almost every dime paid to him by the law mines in salary and sending it off to his student loan servicer.  This took considerable fiscal discipline on his part.  I am currently paying our daughter’s student loans, as librarians are not noted for having large salaries.  I am happy to do this for her.  As I told her, I gave consideration to having a Viking Funeral with my money burning me into the next life, but I decided that might be a tad ostentatious.

There are endless people across this great land of freedom who have made considerable sacrifices to pay their student loans and/or the loans of their kids.  I doubt if they will like to have Chief 1/1024 stamp Chump on their foreheads.

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  1. I have watched my children and my grandchildren struggle to pay off student loans. Now Warren gives free college for the vote. The tax money belongs to the tax payers even as the administration administers the money. Put free college on the ballot, since we the taxpayers must foot the cost. Of Course, ask Warren how much money she has contributed to “free college”

  2. She knows the loans will never be paid off by the US Govt-even if she is Madame Pres.She is getting rabid campaign workers by saying this-volunteers who will get nothing. Guy, Texas

  3. When I was an undergraduate philosophy major, I worked my way through school and took out no loans because I knew it would burden me for a long time, and a degree in philosophy is not a ticket to wealth. I only took out loans for my MBA once I was well-established in a good paying career, with the knowledge that the loans were easily serviceable. When I enrolled in my MBA courses, my employer gave me a hefty raise that more than covers the loan payments, probably to make sure they retained me after I finished. After I finished, I was given many new opportunities in our company. I have excellent job security. Now, it seems loans are expected, despite their burden, without knowing if they will be affordable after graduation. One of my sons has decided, against my advice, to fund a degree in theater with student loans. The average pay for a theater degree is around minimum wage. It’s a foolish decision. I have no doubt that the rhetoric about the government providing free education and forgiving student loans is prompting a lot of young people to take on debt they will have difficulty with later for degrees that will do little to make them employable. It’s a pipe dream. No one is going to pay off their loans.

  4. As for running this as an add for Trump, I would advise against it. There are likely far more voters or relatives of voters with outstanding loans than those who have paid them off.

  5. Those people are either morons who already are yellow dog Democrats, or they will be shrewd enough to guess that Lying Eagle has no intention of making good on this promise.

    Also most Americans still do not go to college and will resent having their tax money being used to support perpetual students forever, which would be the result of the massive debt forgiveness proposed by she-who-has-the-forkest-of-tongues.

  6. We live in a time and a place where there’s a particular kind of shamelessness in the way the responsible are made to feel like chumps for practicing responsibility.

    But only when they’re not being blamed by the irresponsible and their enablers for the problems the irresponsible bring on themselves (and are then coddled for).

  7. Years ago, I suggested to a friend worried about the cost of sending her 17 year old son to college that he go to a community college for 2 years and then transfer to a state school. It would be considerably cheaper than going to university for 4 years. She replied that there was “a stigma” attached to community college.

    So he went off to university, where he dropped out after a semester because he was miserable. The upshot was that he went to Community College anyway because he decided he wanted to be a firefighter/EMS. He was just hired by a suburban fire department and he loves his work.

  8. “She replied that there was ‘a stigma’ attached to community college”

    Well, if there was, it doesn’t seem to have hurt me any. I never had any trouble finding work in the fields I chose. It’s my understanding that once you have some job experience, probably at least 5 years, most employers don’t really care where you went to school or what type of school it was. Also, since you want to keep your resume as concise as possible there’s no need to even mention any school below the one that awarded you the final degree. Saying you earned a bachelor’s degree from State U. in X year is all the employer really needs to know.

  9. It’s my understanding that once you have some job experience, probably at least 5 years, most employers don’t really care where you went to school or what type of school it was.

    Yep. I certainly have found that true with attorneys in Central Illinois.

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