Rule Britannia! Brexit is Adopted!

Amidst the hurly and burly of fake news about impeachment, Davos, Megxit, etc… the one good piece of news may have passed you by.  It did me, until my good lady, who has a special historian’s interest in the welfare of her almost mother country, told me that Brexit was all set.

It passed through the House of Commons with an overwhelming majority, the House of Lords sent it back with a recommendation for more deliberation, Commons passed it again with once more an overwhelming majority, the  Lords (most of whom I imagine are Labour lifetime appointments) gave up and passed and it now awaits the Queen’s signature.   See here for a detailed story and timeline for official signing and exit dates.

Three Cheers: Hip, Hip, Hoorah! Hip, Hip, Hoorah!  Hip, Hip, Hoorah!

No more enforced immigration, arbitrary banning of agricultural products, etc., by Eurocrats.  Britains never, never will be slaves!



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  1. In the age of fighting sale, as Ships of the Line were sailing into battle, the ships’ bands would strike up a tune. Captains usually ordered tunes popular with the men, and going away the most popular among the tars was Heart of Oak:

  2. Another link appropriate for the occasion, again hat-tip to my Good Lady who spotted it on the sidebar. Moving tributes by heads of state on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. See here

    Among the heads of state was Angela Merkel, who had to sit through the whole hour 24 minutes. The Good Lady made the perceptive comment about this, “just think, if Merkel had been a little stronger and more politically adept,” she would have achieved by political means what Germany failed to get by war 75 years ago.

  3. Bob Kurland:
    I has a Swiss-American colleague whose European relatives said the same. Economic domination was Bismarck’s plan A.

  4. Oh, come now. The Germans are completely different now! Well, except for the hectoring moral superiority and the absolute conviction that they are completely right about everything. Other than that…

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