March for Life 2020


I will be on the road today and probably unable to blog.  Use this post to give your takes on the march for life this year, including the address of President Trump.

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  1. It’s been over 15 years since I marched, and at the age of 74 the more than mile was a big stretch for this fat guy. So today I’m watching EWTN and marching vicariously. I recommend highly the video of the Closing Vigil Mass With Bishop Timothy Broglio’s moving homily. See here:

    What struck me was the large number of young people in the congregation. Maybe, even if the battle isn’t won this year, there’s hope for the future.
    One other comment: Bishop Broglio made the point in his homily that we can show our respect for life by treating people whose views differ from ours with respect; that it is a silent testimony to the worth any person as a creation of God.

  2. Not making this up. Apparently Shea wrote fan fiction about the March.

    Trump offers them Nine Rings of Power, which they eagerly accept. He then talks for a while about himself and complains about impeachment and free-associates more about himself before closing out with some thoughts about himself and maybe a nod to “your abortion thing or whatever”.
    He then leads a procession of swooning MAGA “prolife” Christians to the top of Capitol Hill, shows them all the kingdoms of the earth and declares, “All this will I give you if you bow down and worship me!”
    The crowd responds with one voice: “We have no king but Trump!” and offers a kidnapped refugee baby as human sacrifice to the glory of his name.
    Satisfied that he now owns them body and soul, Trump then retires to the White House to watch porn on cable and rage tweet about impeachment for the rest of the day. Next week, his schedule will include raising Planned Parenthood funding another 8%.
    The crowd departs, floating on clouds of imaginary power, assured of peace and safety and full of prayers for the lost souls of the Unrighteous, such as George Will, whose tenuous faith, like the faith of many shaky believers, was killed by the spectacle of MAGA Christians.
    This is the archive link so you don’t have to worry about giving him clicks.

  3. I watched the speech. The speech had political elements, but there’s not one element of truth in the quote from Shea.Tolkien must be rolling over in his grave or cating imprecations from heaven. How does Shea call himself Catholic?

  4. Fox News reported the speech:

    I doubt any other news network did. Yup, there were political elements in it – because Democrats are baby-murderers. They consider babies to be property today just as they considered black people to be property in the 1860s. As such they are evil and there is no dialogue to be had with evil. Yes, respect all people regardless of their beliefs, but evil beliefs must be called what they are without sugar coating it: EVIL. Do you really think Elijah sugar coated things with the 450 false prophets of Baal at the Wadi Kishon? That’s what baby murdering Democrat are.

  5. Just listened to at least part of the speech– got my kids runnign around so focus is a limited supply– and what strikes me is the point about the migrant kid is demonically false.

    The poor kids dragged up here are on a near-certain death march where the chance of them not being raped, repeatedly and sadistically, is near zero.

    But folks trying to make it less likely they’ll be dragged up want to sacrifice them….

  6. I’ve heard leftwing Catholics condemn Trump’s checkered personal life and claim it proves he’s a hypocrite. Yes, because they themselves are evidently without sin.

    King David had a pretty shady personal life as well and yet he was a great king of Israel. I told them that whatever Trump’s personal life has been, he stands by and supports believers and the pro-life movement NOW – which is more than fake Catholics like Pelosi and Biden do.

  7. Adam Schiff makes up his own version of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president. Mark Shea hears Trump will address the March for Life and thinks, “hold my beer!”

  8. Why all the focus on the negative when we have so much to praise God for in this day? I, personally, could care less what lies M.Shea or anyone else tells. The haters will always be there. The good people will not always be there in the public light. Let’s focus on the good.

  9. I think calling them, “abortion/democrat/liberal” Catholics is a lie. It implies they are Catholics. Unless you allow legitimacy to people that deny Church teachings, they are not Catholics. They are “abortion/democrat/liberals” fanatics that dishonestly call themselves Catholics.”

    Church Teaching: Abortion Is Murder.

  10. Dr. Bernard Nathanson founded NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League. After 75,000 abortions Dr. Nathanson became Pro-Life. NARAL has been debunked and has no ground upon which to stand or be heard.
    Norma Corvey. Roe of Roe v. Wade became Pro-Life.and then we have Abby Johnson of UNPLANNED. All tired of being cheated, lied to and manipulated.
    Trump 2020 and for this I give credit to Melania Trump, a Catholic who has turned Donald Trump into a great man.

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