Stupid Lawyer Mind Tricks


Canadian law blogger Viva Frei explains in the above video the type of lawyer tricks Congressman Adam Schiff (D.Ca.) was using in his arguments to the Senate regarding the House impeachment charges.  The most accurate charge against my profession is sophistry, in that a litigating attorney has various techniques in argument to make a sow’s ear of a case into a silk purse.  Why Schiff is doing this before the Senate is a question.  Most of them are lawyers, and reasonably intelligent, and I doubt any of them were impressed.  I assume that Schiff is doing this in order to sway voters watching.  Few of them of course are, as the entire impeachment circus in the Senate has been a ratings bust.  Perhaps the Democrats intend to run videos of this as  campaign commercials.  Good luck with that!  Only rabid Democrats would be impressed, and preaching to the choir in campaigns is either a waste of time or a sign of a campaign in trouble that has to waste resources rousing a torpid base.  The rest of the country is viewing the forgone impeachment farce as a major yawn, and Democrats reminding them of it during the fall campaign  will do the Democrats no favors.  From the Democrat point of view, the impeachment drive has little logic behind it, but a lot of emotion, and emotion in politics is ever an expensive luxury.



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