Deplorables Redux

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:


NEW YORK, NY—Over the weekend, CNN’s Don Lemon burst out in a fit of laughter with his panel of monocled, tophat wearing geese.

While Lemon tried to talk about the half of the country that doesn’t share his political views, the panel of geese went into fits of honking, cackles, and belly-laughs. Lemon himself could barely get a word out without going into another episode of laughs.

Go here to read the rest. CNN, the network in a ratings death spiral, has nothing but contempt for half the nation.  I would love to ask that panel of braying asses ten questions pertaining to the history of the Ukraine.  Pride goeth before a fall, and unearned arrogance is always the sign of the idiot.

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  1. ” has nothing but contempt for half the nation.”
    I think it’s silly to think they only have contempt for half the nation. They have contempt and loathing for half the nation it is true. But I have a gut feeling they have the same feeling for much of the rest of the nation they see as useful fools.

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