PopeWatch: Resignation?

From the twitter account of The Dictator Pope website:


There are now rumours in Rome that Pope Francis is planning to resign later this year. While this must be treated as pure hearsay, it’s conceivable that he is planning to engineer Cardinal Tagle’s succession. The certainty of a Bergoglian successor may be worth more to him…

Go here to read the reactions.  PopeWatch doubts it.  PopeWatch can imagine the Pope discussing the possibility, probably to see how his hearers react.  However, PopeWatch believes that it will take the Grim Reaper for the Pope to relinquish his hold on the papacy.

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  1. Agree with Donald. The “Pope” won’t resign–or asked to resign by the worldly powers that control him because:
    —He is making great progress with paganizing the Church following the protestantizing begun at Vatican II now nearly complete (70% of Catholics don’t believe in the Real Presence).
    —The world loves him because he is one of theirs.
    —He is a power junky and loves the adulation.

  2. Maybe I’m a touch cynical, but I believe that’s an idea he floats to then chop off the heads of those who react positively.

  3. Pope Francis has hinted at resigning twice during his pontificate. In fact, at the beginning of his reign, he surmised that seven years would be enough for him. It’s seven years this year. This may be more true than you all believe.

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