PopeWatch: Good Facts

The Pope doesn’t like some of the news:

Often on communication platforms, instead of constructive stories which serve to strengthen social ties and the cultural fabric, we find destructive and provocative stories that wear down and break the fragile threads binding us together as a society. By patching together bits of unverified information, repeating banal and deceptively persuasive arguments, sending strident and hateful messages, we do not help to weave human history, but instead strip others of their dignity.

But whereas the stories employed for exploitation and power have a short lifespan, a good story can transcend the confines of space and time. Centuries later, it remains timely, for it nourishes life.

In an age when falsification is increasingly sophisticated, reaching exponential levels (as in deepfake), we need wisdom to be able to welcome and create beautiful, true and good stories. We need courage to reject false and evil stories. We need patience and discernment to rediscover stories that help us not to lose the thread amid today’s many troubles. We need stories that reveal who we truly are, also in the untold heroism of everyday life.

Go here to read the rest.  PopeWatch rather suspects that the Pope places in precisely the same category stories that he does not like and stories that are false.  It calls to mind this scene from Babylon 5:

Considering how cavalier the Pope is with facts, this stance of his for true and constructive, from the Pope’s perspective, stories, is bleakly amusing.

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  1. Excellent. “Good facts vs real facts”. For example, “Pope” doesn’t like real facts. Real facts regarding Catholicism and Capitalism, e.g., Christ is God and Capitalism is better than Communism. “Pope” has become the messenger of the devil.

  2. He truly is a character straight out of 1984. He’d probably even admit he heads the Ministry of Truth. Everyday he becomes more of a caricature and everyday he is seen more clearly for who he is. I guess that’s progress.

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