Democrats and the S Word

Chris Matthews, a former aide to Speaker of the House “Tip” O’Neill (D. Mass.), has been in Democrat politics since the seventies.  He fears that the Democrat embrace of Socialism is going to get the Democrats walloped this year.  His colleagues at MSNBC are beginning to treat him as a deranged elderly uncle who needs to be shut up.  That is the Democrat dilemma currently.

Those who fear Bernie Sanders as the standard bearer believe he will take the Democrats to an epic wipe-out in November.  Those who embrace Sanders believe that going hard Left will bring the Democrats to political Nirvana.

Anti-Sanders Democrats are beginning to realize that the only election that Biden can win is “most congenial” at whatever nursing home he is parked at in the near future.  They doubt that the Mayor of Southbend can beat Sanders.  Squaw Warren is only marginally more acceptable to Sanders opponents, but they rightfully think she is a loser.  Hillary?  She could only beat Sanders last time by rigging the deck.  Absent a major health meltdown by Sanders, he is going to be the Democrat nominee for President this year and the Democrats will be running on an overtly Socialist platform.  Watch Bloomberg run as an independent.  When Trump was born a good angel gave him the charism of ever being fortunate in his foes.

Bonus:  James Carville, Bill Clinton’s hatchet man, can also see what is coming for the Democrats:


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  1. The Democrats may loose this time around. (May loose. They have not lost yet.) But what about in 2024? 2028?
    We are a very regulated society, with thousand upon thousands of pages of the Federal Register, and with whatever the states have.
    Look at California, Illinois, New York. Michigan has been going back and forth somewhat between Dem and GOP, but with this new redistricting law, I am pretty certain, the Dems have locked in their power once the lines are redrawn. Democrats have never done well in my area, but they have become much bolder. I have not heard anyone openly support Trump in my generally GOP-controlled city, but plenty of men support Sanders. Many women love Warren.
    The Conservatives are now talking seriously about Paid Family Leave, which was once unthinkable. Now it is very mainstream in the GOP. And they support job killing minimum wage hikes, just maybe not at the levels the Dems want.
    And while the young are “pro-life,” they generally support the whole LGBTQ+ concept. It is taught in all levels of schools. The young think nothing of fornication, co-habitation, and contraception. They delay child bearing so as to pay down college debt and establish a career. Our Total Fertility Rate is dropping rather quickly.
    We may not go socialist in the dramatic fashion that other countries have, but we are getting there.

  2. I’m not sure about Matthews and Carville. Sounds to me as if it’s another attempt to control the Dem Primary results by faking fear of socialism in order to get Bernie out of the game. I mean, if these two liberal die hards pretend to warn the Dem constituents about the ‘dangers’ of voting socialist, that takes care of Bernie and any wanna be Marxist on the ticket.

  3. The difference between socialist Bernie! and the rest of the hate-filled losers is Bernie speaks about it. The others don’t let the socialism show and they just want control over us and power. They don’t care about people. .

  4. Should the US go socialist it will prove to be one of the shortest experiments ever. They could confiscate all of the upper 20%’s wealth and that wouldn’t be enough to cover the trillions the federal government already owes, let alone any new entitlements.

  5. When Trump was born a good angel gave him the charism of ever being fortunate in his foes.

    There’s no doubt that Trump is blessed.

    I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Here is my comment made yesterday on Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times. I got 29 up-votes which was surprising. Also, 3 very long negative comments.

    “Yes, let’s have more of Democrats own reality show of how to lose elections. They managed it in 2016 with Hillary and now are at it again with Iowa, the Bernie/Elizabeth brigade, over the hill Biden, etc.

    One would think that such startlingly incompetence would inspire them to see the problem is not Trump; it is themselves.

    The politics of diversity has led to divisiveness. Their hatred of Trump has blinded them to reality. Their identity politics has alienated them from the mainstream voter. Free stuff for everyone costs credibility.

    Their best bet is to try to do better in 2024, that is if they soon come to their senses, as unlikely as that now appears.”

  7. The problem with youth politics and rejection of older generations is that it prevents institutions from learning from their mistakes.

    Democrats are exhibit A.

  8. It is to hope that Milwaukee 2020 is the other bookend to Chicago 1968.

    It is now Bloomberg that is the 800-lb gorilla in the room, ironically.

    If Bernie wins the nomination, the Dems go down in flames and Mitey Mike buys himself a political party at fire-sale prices with the 2022 mid-terms as his prime focus. If he does not, the Fellow Travellers will march out and start their own movement; they’ll take a big enough piece of the Progberry pie with them to make both parties, old and new, irrelevant for this cycle, and Mikey still gets his clearance-rack party. The only question on his mind now is which way costs less to clean up after?

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