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Calling a voter, even in jest, a lying dog-faced pony soldier, is more than odd.  Biden needs an intervention stat from friends and family to get him out of the campaign.  Visions of Trump beating him up in the fall would be akin to using a machine gun to slay sleeping elderly ducks floating on the top of a pool.  With targets painted on their backsides.

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  1. It is symptomatic.

    We Hate You. Vote For Us!

    Hubris. The fatal flaw isn’t confined to witless Joe.

    In 2016, corrupt, incompetent Hillary called half of America “deplorables.”

    In 2008, Barack Hussein 0 squawked about bitter clingers that needed “fundamental transformation.”

    Now, Bernie! Bros are talking gulags and re-education camps.

    The elites (Dems, establishment GOP (e.g., Ryan, Romney, McCain RIP), NeverTrumpers, Deep State) fear and loathe normal Americans.

    Only witless Joe is less subtle in his I-Hate-Ordinary-Americans rhetoric.

  2. T Shaw, it’s been said that for all he says and does, President Trump has never insulted a group of American voters. If you take away the definition of the word insult as being ‘someone disagreed with me’, I’m hard pressed to think of a case where he has. If he has, I’d like to know when and who. But right now, the party that defines itself by singling out various demographics of American voters and declaring them the unclean seems to be the Democrats.

  3. Conspiracy Theories for $2000, Alex:

    I read a piece that speculated on how the DNC knew about the Bidens’ Ukrainian shenanigans, and so allowed/brought ol’ Joe into the race on a strong hope that Trump would discover and nibble at the kiboshed Kiev investigation (a video ‘confession’ suddenly appears – how coincidental) so they could then use it as a recharge in an increasingly fading impeachment effort.

    Now that said effort is dead, Joe has served his purpose and is being led out to pasture at the end of his own harness.

    Kinda far-fetched and no proof whatsoever, but the upshot is when considering what the DNC has done before, you can’t give it a Hard No, especially when you see Bloomberg’s bread crumbs everywhere.

    Cue dramatic music.

  4. I suspect “dog faced pony soldier” is a term from the Indian Wars of the 19th cen. Not sure though if it’s a slur toward Indian braves or the US Cavalry or the Indian scouts working the cavalry.
    Sadly, I think Joe has lost it. Time to quit before his perceived legacy as a stateman is completely tarnished. Did Biden ever have brain surgery like Sen Arlen Spector? I wouldn’t count hair plugs as brain surgery.
    Maybe this incidence is a ruse so that he won’t be a credible witness when the Ukrainian investigation/trial for the father/son team gets underway.

  5. (The woman asking the question is not Caucasian.
    It must be nice to be a Democrat, they get away with everything.)

    She struck three nerves: 1. Impeachment hurt you. 2. How can you expect to win Nationally and 3. Subliminally “Joe you’re all washed up”.
    – and he is, this is elder abuse at this point.

  6. The Dems have an idiot clown, a sodomite, a communist and a phony Indian all running for President. Those are their front liners.

    And I know some really very intelligent people – very well educated people, some who are the most brilliant of engineers in their fields – who would happily vote for any of them than Donald Trump.

    I thank God that I never went to college to get polluted by the liberal leftism of American Academia. US Naval Nuclear Power Training and a real submarine in the North Atlantic did perfectly fine for me.

  7. Biden is history like all the Democrats who look down upon the very folks they purport to help. Elitism and snobbery is their attitude. They think they are smarter than everyone else. The reason might be that they offer “free stuff” for votes paid for by Republican taxes.

  8. :The University of Massachusetts-Lowell’s (UMass Lowell) Center for Public Opinion recently conducted a poll that asked New Hampshire Democratic Primary likely voters whether they’d rather President Donald Trump win re-election or see “A giant meteor strikes the earth, extinguishing all human life.”

    62% of anti-trumper respondents said they’d rather the meteor strike killing all life on Earth, including themselves!

    This is what we are up against. They have no concern for their lives, ours or their own children. This is their desperate times with us in the cross hairs. Should Trump win, and he will, we will need to keep watch over our lives more than ever. What the poll described was Hara-Kiri. When one has nothing left to live for then they will die for anything.

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