New Hampshire Primary

Total of 41.75% reporting

Sanders: 26.64%
Buttigieg: 22.39%
Klobuchar: 21.41%
Warren: 9.53%
Biden: 8.31%
Steyer: 3.41%
Gabbard: 3.13%
Yang: 2.81%

Yang has announced he is dropping out.  With a pathetic fourth and fifth place finish, Biden and Warren are dead in this race.  I think they will both drop out by the end of the week.  Klobuchar coming in a strong third is a big surprise.  No surprise for first and second with the Commie and the Mayor.  The main winner tonight is Trump.  The other big winner is Bloomberg, if his truly repulsive personality does not outweigh the endless billions he claims to be willing to pour into the race.  (I am not convinced that he is willing to waste more than a billion.)  The Billionaire v. the Commie is just the type of race that will wreak havoc in the party of the Jackass in the primary season.  Brokered convention beginning to look likely.

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  1. Later results give narrower gap between bernie & pete. I wish folks would disabuse themselves of the notion that buttigeig (sp?) is a “moderate.” the only moderate thing about him is his speech. He is anti-life to the nth degree. Same with klobuchar. Pardon me, I’m a single issue voter.

  2. This might be a double tap as my computer “burped” when I hit “Post Comment”. This thought passed through my mind: Clinton gets drafted at the brokered convention to be the Presidential nominee. She, in turn, selects Michelle Obama as her VP running mate and the fight is on!

  3. Democrats have lost their minds and their hearts. Prudence, common sense and a simple sense of decency have disappeared. They have fallen into madness.

    Accordingly sensible Democrats should vote for Trump in order to assure an overwhelming victory that will hopefully bring them to their senses by 2024.

  4. Waiting for the gang fights at the Dem Convention in July.
    But the more important story, Mr McClarey, will be the interference by a foreign state…the Vatican…in the 2020 election. The nuncio and the USCCB are the Vatican’s agents. Bet on it.

  5. Nate– they announced it, then there was a bit of a kerfluff over the…oddities…and they were asked to redo a few counties, and then the guys doing the counting said they’d only do it if a candidate asked, and then Bernie asked.

    They gave it to Buttiwahtzit, we’ll see if they actually do the recount and what they say then.

  6. Bernie won the votes and Bootyboo won the delegates. Which is totally different from Hillary winning the votes and Trump winning the electors because reasons.

  7. I don’t really see how Clinton/Obama stealing the nomination helps them. Would p.o. the Bernie Bros and the Squad followers if that is done to wrest the nomination from him. I don’t see the dems winning without those constituencies. It’s almost as thought TPTB want four more years of Trump. I am sure CNN does.

  8. The main ways Dems win this, is if we get a brokered convention, and the compromise is Bernie as VP, with the more electable person top of the ticket.

    They still lose in this scenario, but it’ll be closer.

  9. The main way Dems win this, is if we get a brokered convention, and the compromise is Bernie as VP, with the more electable person top of the ticket.

    They still lose in this scenario, but it’ll be closer.

  10. We shouldn’t feel too confident about Trump’s re-election, his finger is always on the button. The send button of a tweet that is horribly damaging.

  11. Possibly. I don’t think much of his tweets generally myself. However, they are already baked into the cake as far as Trump is concerned. Everyone already knows that he likes to send out “lively”, to put it kindly, tweets. Like most elections I think this one will come down to the economy, and the economy is excellent.

  12. As of this moment, the prognosis for the coming election looks amazingly like a Sherman tank rolling across a field of melons. But, as any parent will tell you, a lot can happen in nine months. To borrow a phrase from Star Wars, “Don’t get cocky.”

    In the meantime, I believe the prudent course is to pray, remember 1948, pray, continue constructive dialogue with friends and colleagues (especially centrist Democrats), pray, stay abreast of the news and above all, pray, pray, pray.

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