PopeWatch: No Enemies on the Left

If you are a Leftist tyrant, you can be sure the current gang in control at the Vatican will have your back:


In a particularly egregious example, Bishop Silvio José Báez, a beloved Catholic leader and one of the most outspoken critics of the regime, was the target of a regime-planned assassination attempt. For several months, plainclothes police officers tailed him, drones constantly hovered over his home, and ominous motorcycle gangs waited on his doorstep. He survived a knife attack by regime supporters in the city of Diriamba. After the U.S. embassy in Managua tipped Báez off, Pope Francis transferred him to Rome, where he remains insulated from the brutalities of the Ortega regime. While his move may have been for his own safety, the timing fueled theories that the Vatican made the decision based on reports of “friction” between Báez and the Nicaraguan government.

Pope Francis has spoken only sparingly on the protests in Nicaragua, quiescent in the face of persistent reports of violence by the regime. Indeed, when the pope issued his most direct public statement on the matter — vague calls for a “peaceful resolution” to the crisis — 20 former Latin American presidents issued a statement criticizing him for minimizing the oppression of Nicaraguans at the hands of their government. Vatican representatives have issued lukewarm endorsement of the protesters, recommending a renewed commitment to reconciliation and electoral reform. Absent from these statements were any mention of the defense of protesters by representatives of the Catholic Church — much less any demand that government officials ensure the security of the clergy in the country.

Go here to read the rest.  Future conclaves here is the thought:  elect Popes who care more about Catholicism than they do in supporting Leftism.

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  1. Remember that the Good Lord left evil on the earth that He might turn it into a higher good. That alone is cause of hope. Keep the faith…the one that was handed down by the apostles, not the new imitation, concocted in some Marxist enclave.

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