Coyote and Badger Open Thread

The usual Open Thread rules apply:  be concise, be charitable and, above all, be amusing!

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  1. You fool! they’re using their cuteness to distract us! The badger/coyote alliance will be the doom of us all…

    (There is probably a parable here like Paul’s members of the body, that embracing our differences can make us stronger together.)

  2. Nate Winchester wrote-
    “You fool! they’re using their cuteness to distract us! The badger/coyote alliance will be the doom of us all…”

    Only if they team up with the pandas…then, we’re really screwed!!!

  3. Elizabeth Warren just promised that if she’s elected, a coyote and badge will interview all prospective Secretaries of the interior…

  4. A short while ago, I realized that Ed Driscoll is wrong. We’re not Weimar America, We’re Byzantine America. Our political parties are circus factions, the reds and the blues. The reds cheer their captain, and the blues hiss. Then the blues hiss at the reds for cheering, and complain about how law, custom, and sacred tradition are all under threat from the red captain because he doesn’t run the race in the prescribed fashion.

    Meanwhile, the court eunuchs, almost to a neuter, fans of the blues, use their posts in the permanent bureaucracy to disable the red team’s chariots and to disqualify their horses, and the blues snicker. And if the reds complain, the blues just snicker more.

    Time to send in the clowns huns and goths.

  5. That actually means a lot, Don. Thank you. I suspect it’s a better analogy or comparison tHan some of the others.

  6. In our back yard lived a skunk who spent the nights under our car with our little black kitten. In the morning the skunk would return to the wild and our kitten came inside, none the worse for the friendship. It gives a new meaning to the word polecat.

  7. Not knowing where to put this I beg your indulgence.
    The sovereign personhood of the human being created is equal to all other sovereign human beings who are created sovereign. “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”
    The innate sovereign personhood of the victim of any crime against him is preeminent and takes precedence to any made made law such as privacy as “all men are created equal” by “their Creator” not born equal. In other words the sovereign personhood of the victim of any crime against him supersedes the required search warrant, Miranda rights or human respect demanded in crimes of homicide, and/or kidnapping and especially of the termination of human life, making the proof obtained without a warrant in such crimes morally and legally admissible in a court of law. This truth applies to all evidence provided by David Daleiden to the courts and to all evidence of homicide victims and kidnap victims. These sovereign persons’ civil rights are equal to the perpetrators civil rights. Perpetrators civil rights cannot override the civil rights of the victims.
    This is in contrast to chattel as opposed to the sovereign person.
    Thank you
    Mary De Voe

  8. When man became aware of his free will, man became conscious of his innate human rights. According to Father Robert Spitzer of Father Spitzer’s Universe on EWTN this took place only 70,000 years ago.
    Thanks again

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