Two years ago crooked attorney Michael Avenatti was  being touted as a possible candidate for the Democrats to run against Trump.  Lo, how the would-be-mighty have fallen:

A jury convicted lawyer Michael Avenatti on all counts in his Nike extortion trial on Friday.

Prosecutors maintained Avenatti threatened to use his fame to stage a news conference and deliver claims that Nike executives were corrupting college basketball by funding payments to elite young players and their families, unless he was paid millions of dollars to conduct the internal probe.

At the time, prosecutors say, Avenatti faced at least $11 million in debts. His former law firm office manager testified that finances were so desperate last March that his several employees had been evicted from their $50,000-a-month offices and were working from their homes.

Go here to read the rest.  I suspect Justice Kavanaugh must be smiling today.   I hope he receives the harshest sentence possible.  Lawyers deserve little mercy when they transgress the Law.


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  1. Whiny Brian Stelter was sucking up to Avenatti a couple of years ago, telling Avenatti that Stelter saw him a lot on cable news. What a pair of losers.

  2. I never hope for someone’s demise. I have prayed that God post haste would take someone’s soul to Heaven.

    Conversely, in 2012 back-stabbing rattlesnake Mitt Romney was worse than Hitler. Now, he’s a liberal saint.

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