PopeWatch: An Invitation


PopeWatch often likes watching the flights of hawks and turkey vultures.  Graceful flyers, they soar effortlessly across the skies, seemingly above all mundane human concerns.  Earlier this week, a rather large bird landed outside of the office of PopeWatch.  It was a very black falcon, not common in this region. It stood and seemed to be waiting.  PopeWatch poured a bowl of birdseed, always a handy product to have around, and the bird pecked at it.  PopeWatch noted that the falcon had a capsule around its left leg.  Very gingerly PopeWatch took off the capsule.  It had a message inside:


I wish to see you in Rome.

Francis, first of that name

The falcon flew off, mission accomplished.


PopeWatch is pondering whether to go since the press of PopeWatch business is unceasing.  We shall see.  Of course, in the back of PopeWatch’s brain, these words of wisdom are recalled:


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  1. I was driving to work yesterday and saw a very helpful hawk. It was carrying a squirrel from one side of the highway to a tree on the other side.

    One of the greatest movie prop ever. “The stuff that dreams are made of.”

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