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  1. Abortion is murder not heath care.

    I can’t vote for people that think it’s not only okay, but also want me (taxpayer and health insurance money) to pay, to kill babies.

  2. My favorite is “there are 393 million civilian-owned firearms in the United States, if that we’re a problem you’ll know it.”

    Abortion is murder; human life is cheap to those who support it. It’s not human life that abortion/gun lecturers want to save.

  3. Virginia Assembly in session: The anti guns bills were shot down (pardon the pun) by 10 – 5. I guess the message the sanctuary counties and cities sent was heard. Those bills will come up next year and we may not be so lucky.
    It doesn’t look good for keeping the pro-life laws on the books. Dedicated pro-life lawmakers are trying to amend the appeals. Prayers are needed.
    Suicide is no longer a criminal offense. The common law against suicide has been repealed. If Suicide is legal does that make assisted suicide (aka murder) legal? Euthanasia is practiced in the hospitals but it’s on the sly.
    The bishops of Richmond and Arlington are sponsoring a Vespers service on March 5 in the Richmond Sacred Heart Cathedral to mark the closing session of the Assembly. Vespers after the damage is done.

  4. “Killing the innocent is always wrong, no matter what a law says.” It is the legal and moral innocence, the standard of Justice for our nation that bears testimony against the spawn of Satan. If there is anybody who wants corrupt (Justice?) he is swallowed whole in corruption. Nothing to see here.

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