Jimmy Stewart Flies His Last Combat Mission


I didn’t realize he flew combat missions in Vietnam:


20 February 1966: Brigadier General James M. Stewart, United States Air Force Reserve, flew the last combat mission of his military career, a 12 hour, 50 minute “Arc Light” bombing mission over Vietnam, aboard Boeing B-52 Stratofortress of the 736th Bombardment Squadron, 454th Bombardment Wing. His bomber was a B-52F-65-BW, serial number 57-149, call sign GREEN TWO. It was the number two aircraft in a 30-airplane bomber stream.

Go here to read the rest.  A great actor, a greater patriot.

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  1. My wife and I love Jimmy Stewart. At the Jimmy Stewart Museum (the third floor of the library in his small Pennsylvanian hometown) they have uniforms of his from every era of his military service.

    His military record goes from DDay to Vietnam to everywhere in between. A truly great Airman. My hero during my time in the USAF

  2. He stars in one of the two, maybe three, best John Ford westerns to not feature John Wayne.
    But what this post really needs is a clip from Strategic Air Command

  3. “Of Human Hearts” is an absolutely wonderful Jimmy Stewart movie! Great about human relationships and a great history teacher for us –

  4. By all accounts Jimmy Stewart was a decent family man. My uncle was a SAC pilot. My dad was Army Air Corps, USAF meteorologist. We watched all the flying movies as kids. Still do whenever TCM shows them.

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