PopeWatch: Teacher, Leave Them Kids Alone

Our Pope says education when he means propaganda:


Ecological movement

He went on to say, that one aspect of education “is that it is an ecological movement.”

The Pope said that “education that has at its centre the person in his or her integral reality has the purpose of bringing him or her to the knowledge of himself or herself, of the common home in which he or she lives, and above all to the discovery of fraternity as a relationship that produces the multicultural composition of humanity, a source of mutual enrichment.”

This educational movement, Pope Francis underlined “requires, of course, educators capable of resetting the pedagogical itineraries of an ecological ethic, so that they may effectively help towards a growth in solidarity, responsibility and care based on compassion”.

Inclusive movement

The Pontiff went on to describe education as a “an inclusive movement.” – an inclusion, he said, that works for the excluded and “takes the form of educational actions in favour of refugees, victims of human trafficking, migrants, without any distinction of sex, religion or ethnicity.”

Inclusion is not a modern invention, he added, “but an integral part of the Christian saving message.”


Go here to read the rest. Like most Leftists, the Pope looks to propaganda to triumph over stubborn reality.

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  1. Sounds like Democrat politician talking points. “Pope” Francis doesn’t appear to have it in him to talk about God, eternal life, and orthodox Catholicism. He faith is in Man–totalitarian controlled Man–not in God and His Providence.

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