Milburn Pennybags

News that I missed, courtesy of The Babylon Bee:

U.S.—Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has come under attack for hypocrisy. One common line of attack is that while he claims to be a socialist who is always looking out for the interests of the working man, Sanders is constantly seen wearing a top hat and monocle while carrying around canvas sacks with dollar signs on them. His supporters have been quick to defend him, though.

“The implication is that somehow him having a top hat and a monocle and him carrying around sacks with dollar signs on them while yelling, ‘Get away from me, poors!’ is inconsistent with him being a socialist,” said Sanders supporter Neil Bishop, “but it’s not. The fact is, you can buy a top hat, monocle, and canvas sacks for just a few hundred dollars. It doesn’t mean anything.”

Sanders campaign worker Harry Simon agreed. “Just because he’s a socialist doesn’t mean he can’t wear a tall hat or walk around with gobs of cash in bags,” Simon explained. “Also, for someone of his age at his salary, it’s not uncommon to own a number of hats and maybe a monocle. And even if those bags are all filled with cash, it’s only a million in there at most which, frankly, isn’t that much money these days.”

Go here to read the rest.  And to think that he started his route to being a millionaire by writing porn as a young man.  America, what a country!

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