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  1. I have been seeing polls on FB about Trump vs the commie. When I take them the result is always the same – the commie 54% and Trump 46%. I wonder if this is FB disinformation. If not, then we’re in big trouble. That commie will destroy this nation.

  2. Perhaps Bernie is part of the Great Chastisement we are all expecting soon. Bernie is here to show us the results of living without God.

  3. LCQ, I have a hard time taking ANY poll seriously anymore. They are too easy to manipulate in the what questions are asked, how questions are worded, who is asking them and who is answering them. How often have you heard of a harrowing poll against a conservative only to find out later that the sample who was asked was weighted rather heavily on the liberal side.
    I see polls as a way of trying to fool the public to vote a certain way. No one wants to vote for a loser no matter what.
    People in general have figured out the pollsters. That is why so many voters lie on exit polls as well as polls in general.

    Chris Matthews and his lot are the ones responsible for having a true viable commie making headway through the ranks of candidates. After all these years of indoctrinating kids at school, promising free stuff, teaching them how everyone is equal in all things, equal pay blah blah blah…what you end up with is what we currently see in the Democrat lineup. Matthews has absolutely nothing to complain about. This is what he was inadvertently working towards, but like most leftists, he had no clue what was at the end of the road. Now he sees it and he’s petrified.

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