Not Funny Anymore

Seeing someone in their dotage is never a matter of humor.  Friends and family need to stage an intervention stat and end his humilitation.

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  1. I’ve got to wonder if Biden’s candidacy isn’t just another way for him and his family to cash in on his having been VP. After all, once the campaign’s bills have been settled, what remains in Biden’s campaign treasury is his to pocket.

    If Biden’s family were cynical and heartless enough, they might keep him on the campaign trail until all donations dry up.
    Only then might they send him to the glue factory.

  2. I actually don’t see this as a major gaffe. He was, after all, in the Senate for over thirty. I see it as a minor slip of the lip. I compare it to Sarah Palin mixing up North and South Korea. Biden may be in his dotage. But this is not an indication of that in my opinion.

  3. It’s been suggested elsewhere that it is family that compels Biden to humiliate himself thus. The theory being, absent a plausible claim of politically motivated retaliation, one or more Biden family members would be looking at serious jail time.

    n.b.: plausible is not the same as credible.

  4. Sad indeed. “Pride goeth before destruction: and the spirit is lifted up before a fall”. Proverbs 16:18

    He needs an intervention. He is just hurting the other candidates.

  5. As someone about to enter his 10th decade I can really sympathise with Joe. The synapses are getting further and further apart, so names escape me, slips of the tongue get more and more frequent. It’s like an old Daimler I once owned: basically the engine was powerful, but there were occasional misfirings. Tuneups (and what would those be for flesh and blood?) were required more frequently.

  6. If Joe had a chance of being a contender then I would be worried how he would ever handle a presidency. It is obvious he is not capable of handling anything of the sort. I agree with you Bob. I’m not as far along as you but boy, have I seen changes in my my mental and physical abilities as I cross each new decade.

    Watching Joe hurts me. I feel very sorry for him for obviously he cannot see what is happening to him or if he does then he must feel capable of getting a handle on it though it is painfully obvious he cannot. The problem is not that Joe is from another era, he just doesn’t know how to present himself in this era and be able to relate to his constituents anymore. His capacity to think on his feet were never his forte but it is getting worse and worse as his mind fails.

    This falls on his family. If they love the man, this father and husband, then someone should stand up and do the right thing and save whatever dignity the man may have left. He may resent his family for a time for being told to drop out, but as his mind keeps failing, he’ll forget all about it in the near future.

    He may be a political enemy of ours but he is a Catholic in need of our prayers.

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