The Shock of Recognition

What your humble servant feels like sometimes between 4:00 AM-6:00 AM as he is batting out posts for TAC before heading off for the Law Mines.

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  1. Thank you The American Catholic for saying the truth when some would ignore or suppress the truth. Bernie Sanders would not be running for president if he lived in Cuba or Russia. Bernie would be running for his life. Does anyone believe that Elizabeth Warren would be fighting for the freedom and civil rights of American citizens, especially women, if the naked, ugly force of unmitigated power were not the goal? SEE: David Deleiden’s legal efforts to protect the sovereign personhood of the newly begotten sovereign soul and the law against selling human body parts. May he deliver. (pun intended)
    “Assault and battery Biden” of women are farcical if it were not a crime.
    The emasculation of men by the feminists and especially Roe v. Wade. denying the civil rights of all men to their own children, abortion the slaying of sovereign souls in the womb, the imposition of atheism by Roe. v. Wade, pornography, sodomy and transgenderism are perjury in a court of law. Denying parental authority over their own children, the rise of the criminal state not instituted by the sovereign personhood of the sovereign person, because the sovereign personhood of the rational soul is denied. The baby-killers of the Democratic Party are all vying for the seat to administer the great evil of perjury.
    Thank you again.

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