PopeWatch: Lent is a Time For Confronting Evil

Recourse to God, so infinitely good, is all the more necessary because, far from abating, the struggle grows fiercer and expands unceasingly. It is no longer only the Christian faith that they would uproot at all costs from the hearts of the people; it is any belief which lifting man above the horizon of this world would supernaturally bring back his wearied eyes to heaven. Illusion on the subject is no longer possible. War has been declared against everything supernatural, because behind the supernatural stands God, and because it is God that they want to tear out of the mind and heart of man.

Pope Saint Pius X, UNE FOIS ENCORE

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  1. Brief, deep, understandable, and in keeping with his predecessors. Compare and contrast anything that he wrote to those things that are by Pope Francis’s. PF doesn’t really try to pretend to be Catholic.

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