Sheer Evil


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all convictions, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming




Don’t ever think that a portion of the Left does not have the ultimate aim of legalizing pederasty.  From Neo-Neo Con:


This is very chilling:

Pete Buttigieg decided it was a good idea to have a nine-year-old child join him on stage at a campaign event in Denver on Saturday to talk about his sexuality.

If you didn’t think the end was near, think again. Most of us are wishing for an asteroid extinction event at this point. The child sent a question to Buttigieg asking him to help him “be brave like you.” Cue endless virtue signaling from clapping weirdos who think it’s totally normal that a 9-year-old is thinking about gay sex.

Actually, some 9-year-olds do think about sex. What they think about it is sometimes “Ick!” But whether it’s “ick” or whether they are eagerly anticipating it or even fantasizing about it – the latter of which is probably more common these days, now that children are exposed to far more sexuality earlier and almost everywhere, including in school – please let them be, rather than encouraging some sort of public declaration.

Go here to read the rest.  Way to screw up a boy for life.  The notion that a pre-pubecesant boy could in any sense be a homosexual is self-evidently absurd.  This is blatant recruitment, using a confused child as a prop.  This is the same reason why drag queens are now reading stories to young children at public libraries.  This would have been unthinkable even fifteen years ago.  I dread what will likely be inflicted on sexualized children fifteen years hence.



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  1. And don’t think for a moment that this wasn’t staged. It happened because Buttigieg’s people wanted it to happen.

  2. All minor children do NOT have informed sexual consent to give. Not until a sovereign person is old enough to vote, drink, drive and serve in the Armed Forces does the un-emancipated sovereign person have informed consent to give or to contract . Up until the sovereign person’s emancipation he is entitled to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy from every citizen of good will for the common good. Buttigieg does not know the basic truth of the human being and the Bill of Rights. I hope this invasion of the minor child’s privacy is viewed as a sex crime against innocence of the minor child.

  3. I think we lost this battle when we conceded that a homosexual is something a person is rather than something a person does. When we allowed that we are defined by our sexuality, did we think we could resist the follow up logical conclusions of such a stance?

  4. Yes. More so, Once it was conceded that there are “heterosexual” persons…. the lie took hold.
    There are only of course only male and female persons, He Created Them.

    Interestingly one can thoughtfully make this truthful statement today without being called a bigot and hater, there’s no trigger so to speak and it helps right the ship, gets people thinking:
    “I don’t believe there are heterosexual persons, just/only male and female.”
    Try it.

  5. Here we have a blatant example of Butt-gig (appropriate name) child abuse in public, staged for maximum virtue signaling effect. And his audience loved it. Maybe the coronavirus is the beginning of the Great Chastisement.

    Blatant child

  6. The Democrat Party is the party of denying the unalienable, innate human rights endowed by “their (infinite) Creator”, and religious eradication, baby-killing, child abuse, perjury in and out of court and mob rule.
    The Democrat Party is guilty of genocide against the American people.
    64,000,000 innocent souls sent back to their infinite Creator with the message: “Return to Sender”.
    Presenting truth is education. Imposing ideology is indoctrination.
    Buttigieg is indoctrinating this minor child as though “bravery” encompasses denying reality.
    “I think we lost this battle when we conceded that a homosexual is something a person is rather than something a person does. When we allowed that we are defined by our sexuality, did we think we could resist the follow up logical conclusions of such a stance?” This a saver. and “I don’t believe there are heterosexual persons, just/only male and female.”
    Try it.” I will try it. Thank you very much

  7. It would be telling to find out who his parents are. My money is on some kind of activists, in that the left sacrifices children to politics daily.

  8. I’d say look up “Desmond is Amazing” but it’s probably for the best many of you on here have not.

    What saddens me more than any of this is that increasingly it feels like I have to put in more work explaining what’s wrong here to more people.

  9. This is simply contributing to the delinquency of a minor! Why didn’t somebody try to beat the crap out of this pervert for abusing this poor boy?

  10. New low even for Democrats.
    The acceptance of the gay life style, the normalization of it has been insidious in our culture and that includes many Christian religions.
    Dave Griffey’s comment is very apt: “I think we lost this battle when we conceded that a homosexual is something a person is rather than something a person does. When we allowed that we are defined by our sexuality, did we think we could resist the follow up logical conclusions of such a stance?”
    Stand by for lowering the age of consent – The Man-Boy Love, Lambda crowd has been working on that for awhile now.

  11. Embrace Catholic anthropology. Learn how to explain it and defend it. Be able to explain why secular humanist anthropology is defective and deficient. Then you don’t have to concede anything.

    Suggested opener: “I’m a trans-vegan. I eat steak, but I identify it as a vegetable.”

  12. This goes to show just how confused the far right is about sexuality. Being gay is not just about having sex. One can be gay and celibate (ask many Catholic priests, for starters). Sexual orientation and sexual behavior are two different things. Mayor Pete asked the boy nothing of sex. Shame on you for not recognizing the distinction.

  13. John, it was totally inappropriate to have a 9 year old boy up on stage and publicly talk about a subject that is personal in nature. Not appropriate if the candidate were heterosexual. It wasn’t a political question and the boy is not old enough to vote. Why did the boy give him a personal gift? It looked to be a bracelet that he had made. What if it were a 9 yo girl to a male candidate or a 9 yo boy gifting a female candidate? Still inappropriate and still shouldn’t be on stage at a political rally used as a prop
    The vignette took time away from adult voters who wanted to ask serious questions about Buttigieg’s political views and what his presidency would be like, his vision for America..

    I agree with you that there are priests who feel same sex attraction, but who do not act upon the desires because they have taken the vow of chastity. Same for priests who feel opposite sex attraction and do not act upon it because they took a vow of chastity. If the vows are broken there needs to be Confession, serious discernment. If the priest concludes that the he is not suited to Holy Orders he should asked to be released from his vows before he’s cut a wide swath the high school boys or girls or sinned with someone’s husband or wife. Sin has social consequences.

  14. Somewhere, Dave Griffey is jumping up and down and shouting “Dave, you magnificent fellow, YOU MADE MY POINT!”

  15. There’s also the issue where folks who are “gay” and celibate tend to use the phrase SSA– Same Sex Attracted.

    It doesn’t have the connotations that “gay” does.

    A 9 year old might as well announce he’s struggling with a pr0n addiction.

  16. I don’t want to think about the number of 9 year olds exposed to pornography thanks to this Brave New World we live in.
    At the rate these monsters are going, it’ll be just another part of the grade school curriculum in a decade.

    Activists in the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the National Education Association (NEA) team up to encourage a day set aside to celebrate transgenderism. Volunteers will read three books chosen to help young children understand a very adult topic.
    The event is called Jazz & Friends National Day of School & Community readings. The three books chosen for this year’s indoctrination are: “Julian is a Mermaid”, I am Jazz”, and “They She He Me: Free to Be!”

    Oh. And speaking of Sheer Evil:

    “Let’s not pretend that this [“art film,” so-called, The Trouble with Being Born –E.S.] isn’t about mainstreaming the last sexual perversion — other than bestiality — that isn’t socially acceptable,” it adds. “And there’s no argument to be made in defense of the existence of this film by using the ‘Lolita’ defense, or even the ‘well it’s just a robot’ defense.”

  17. It’s sick out there and getting much sicker. Nine-year-old babies being brainwashed to think they’re sodomites (they don’t have the foggiest notion of what that is) or that they are really, really not their biological gender. In the real World, these are emotional/psychological pathologies.

    Gen. Patton would call Pete “What Me Worry?” Buttegieg a “sodomy SOB.”

    He will never be my POTUS.

  18. The hatred the Democrats have for children sickens me to no end. That whole scenario made me want to puke. Do not people see this for what it is? 60,069,971 babies have been put to death since Roe v Wade. Not content with abortion, the left are chasing down the children who were lucky enough to escape that death sentence and are morally and spiritually destroying the survivors.

  19. If the left legalizes and normalizes sexual relationships between adults and children, will that normalize the Catholic Clergy and the Boy Scout counselors and their little love buddies???!!!🤮 Give me a break … that is where we are headed!

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