Lies, Injustice and the Communist Way

Bernie, no doubt gives it two thumbs up.  Part of the DC Elseworlds series where superheroes are reimagined.  In the above reimagining, the infant Kal-el lands in the Soviet Union rather than the US.  The comics were OK.  Full review after I pick up the Blu-ray this weekend.

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  1. Look forward to your review, Don. At least that would make the whole “Batman vs. Superman” thing a little more believable. That and Capt. America vs. Iron Man always seemed badly contrived to me.

  2. I was always amused Frank in Justice League comics where Superman is depicted slugging it out against bad guys along with the other heroes. This is a being who can traverse light years in seconds and move planets with his bare hands. The suspension of disbelief when Superman was fighting alongside mere mortals has always been great. However, as the Joker remarked to Luthor on one occasion about Batman: “There is nothing “mere” about that mortal.!”

  3. I keep forgetting that Don is a comic fan. 😉

    For those who don’t know (which I think on this site is… 2 people), the blu ray is an adaptation of a 2003 release.

    Now good writers know that what makes Batman worthy to be on the Justice League team is his brilliance – which is one of my disappointments with the live action movie which apparently embraced the “what does Superman need with a team?” motif. One of my favorite JLA issues is the introduction of the white martians were Superman admits, “[Batman] is the most dangerous man on earth.”

    That’s why the old JL cartoon I consider one of the best adaptions ever of the comic – because the makers understood how to give everyone in the show a moment to shine. Even Aquaman.

    Then again, we’re not even starting to address Golden Age Superman vs Bronze age, or Superman vs Captain Marvel, or the various Crisis…. etc

  4. The Batman cartoons that started in 1992 and continued on through the Justice League which ended in 2006 were really good television. Hard to believe it’s been gone that long. On another note, I used to watch Phineas & Ferb and Wander over Yonder with my boys. Disney abolished Wander because they weren’t selling merchandise for it….adults watched it.

  5. So this is a new movie right?

    Looks very interesting to say the least.

    I used to be a big comics fan, then I went to College & discovered homework.

    Regardless, I was a Conan, Sgt. Rock, & Groo the Wanderer fan. Still have the first 12 original issues of Groo! Mint condition!

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