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  1. No explanation? I’m sorry, I don”t understand.
    Burgess? Author of “A Clockwork Orange”? Hunter Thompson I’ve heard about. I know of him in the vaguest way. A leftist writer who committed suicide with a shotgun. A selfish death that leave untold nightmares to those that found him and had to clean it up. Not a fan.

  2. Burgess owed Rolling Stone a “think-piece.” He tried to weasel out of it by instead offering to submit a 50,000 word novella about the “condition humane.”

    Thompson would have none of it.

    To truly get the tone of the letter, imagine R. Lee Ermey shouting it in Vincent D’Onofrio’s face.

  3. As a formerly foul mouth, hard drinking, womanizing nuclear submarine sailor, I truly admire and hold in highest esteem the reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to the Muslim Sultan. Oh my! I haven’t heard that kind of language in all its splendor since 2007 when I left my last commercial nuke plant to work at a nuclear steam supply company. Most appropriate reply!

  4. Hunter Thompson’s drug/alcohol crazed mind was not admirable but very entertaining. Generally, he took no prisoners. Fresh air.

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