PopeWatch: Pope Flu

Well, this should inflame the flu hysteria:


Pope Francis has been taken ill and cancelled an event at a Rome basilica as coronavirus locks down towns in northern Italy.

The pontiff had earlier prayed for  sufferers on Ash Wednesday, and, while mask free, took time to shake hands and kiss worshippers, including a child, in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

The pope appeared to have a cold and spoke with a slightly hoarse voice at his general audience on Wednesday and coughed during an afternoon Ash Wednesday service in a Rome church.

After falling ill, he is carrying out the rest of his schedule in his residence, the Vatican said on Thursday.

Go here to read the rest.  May the Pope have a swift recovery.  If he were to die of the flu, God forbid!, too many people would lose all common sense and act as if we are confronting the Black Death instead of merely a flu variant.

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  1. What hubris that he can hack on the altar, kiss babies and shake hands because he’s not contagious. Seen the video. A very poor example for the Italians and the rest of the world. He can’t blame the origin on capitalism. It’s a capitalist country that leading the world in healing corona.
    That said I hope and pray that he recovers quickly.

  2. Prudence, is the operative virtue.
    Shaking hands with hundreds during a severe flu epidemic not so much.

    I hope this Pope is well soon.

  3. I hope the “pope” reflecting on the mortal impact of coronavirus considers the virus of heresy he is spreading which is dooming many to eternal damnation. Let us pray for that.

  4. Pretty sure COVID-19 would be most accurately classified as a cold variant, not the flu.

    Symptoms match the folk-flu, but the seasonal cold is usually a corona virus.

  5. Corona is likened to pneumonia. Last night on Tucker Carlson there was a doctor who said that CAT Scans of the lungs are a better diagnostic tool for the virus than the test kits which have both false positives and negatives. (Most kits he said are made in China by many different plants, in other words no quality control.) Films of lungs in early and advanced stages of Corona were up on the screen. The doctor said the problem is that not many doctors can read the films for Corona and there’s an ongoing effort to train US medical staff.

  6. “May the Pope have a swift recovery. If he were to die of the flu, God forbid!, too many people would lose all common sense and act as if we are confronting the Black Death instead of merely a flu variant”.

    Well, it’s apparently official: the pontiff and two of his aides tested positive and are under quarantine. That alone (even if they recover) is probably enough to ramp up the hysteria to 15 or 20 insted of just 11….


  7. Ok, now I’m thinking my last post was fake news and I should retract it because I can’t find any other major news outlet reporting this — which I think they would do if they thought it was even remotely true. Anyone else heard or seen this report at all?

  8. Elaine, I just did a search (6:05 PM CST) and the only thing I found was indication that a YouTube video alleging that PF had been verified as having Covid 19 has been deleted. Nothing else but speculation and other commentary from the usual MSM suspects.

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