Sockpuppet Joe

The fact that Joe Biden is mentally deteriorating might be a WAD rather than A Bug for the Deep State forces behind him as the ever astute Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal explains:

Take this to the bank.  The longer Bernie Sanders stays in this race, the more stories like this one will surface.  Because Sanders’ principal enemy right now is not Trump nor is it Biden.  It is the Deep State and the Deep State protects its own.

The reason for that is simplicity itself.  At this late stage of his life, Joe Biden is an amiable, corrupt dunce.  A Washingtonian through and through, the District is Joe’s whole world so he’ll gladly stick to issues like gun control or “climate change” and won’t raise any serious objections to anything else as long as he and/or his kids can make a little money out of it.

Joe Biden is a Democrat, after all.

As far as the Deep State is concerned, a genial sock puppet is infinitely preferable to the man who currently holds the office.  Biden will leave the Deep State alone and won’t try to pretend that his word or his policy preferences mean jack to anybody.

Sanders, on the other hand, is also a loose cannon and a left-wing loose cannon isn’t really all that much of an improvement over a conservative one.  Particularly since, in the unlikely event of a Sanders victory in November, that crashing sound you’ll immediately hear will be the sound of American capital making for the national exits all at once.

Make no mistake, Communist.  You’re in their crosshairs now.

Go here to comment.  Biden has been on the take with semi-legal graft his entire career.  He is owned body and soul by the forces that never want a presiudential election to come out “wrong” as it did, from their perspective, in 2016.  Biden is often a source of humor.  There is nothing funny at all about the powerful forces now arrayed behind him.



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  1. You know I got to thinking about it… and part of me can see how Biden is the best “loss candidate” for the dems.

    Think of it like a game. Trump looks poised to win, the real question is: how big?

    Outcome 1) A narrow victory for the dems. This would leave them in a tight spot, especially if GOP picks up the house. Then their winner will be gridlocked without much hope of governing. Could hurt their reputation and set up a failure in 2024. Plus if things shift economically under that president’s watch, it will cement their reputation as depressants on the country. Possibly a modern day demonstration of Pyrrhic victory.

    Outcome 2) Trumps wins narrowly. Maybe the best option for the dems as it prove their brand is still salable, while giving them a scapegoat in Trump for anything that goes wrong. If their brand is that good, chance of keeping some power in congress and maintaining gridlock to frustrate the enemy.

    Outcome 3) Trump wins big. By far the worst possible option as it proves the brand has turned toxic and increases the chance they lose the house. The party will probably fracture as everyone takes turns blaming everyone else for the loss.

    So you’re heading towards the vote in Nov, what’s the play you want to make? If an ideological candidate steps up on the ticket, the brand is going to take extra damage. Thus part of the fear of Sanders – not only might he lose, but he would make the very concept of socialism toxic for a few cycles. After all, if any socialist candidate stepped up, they can be slapped down with a “we lost big last time with one like you, we’re not risking it here!”

    This is where Biden could be the smartest play. One, he’s an empty suit enough that a big loss can’t be hung around any one issue – all their pet ideas are still in play electability-wise. And – as Don pointed out – his health issues give them an out. If Trump crushes them in Nov, and Biden all but dies on stage in the lead up, then the Dems can cover for the loss by claiming it wasn’t themselves or their message that lost the election, but their candidate’s failing health that really lost it.

    At least that’s my thoughts on it. A week is an eternity in politics and we’ve got a lot of weeks until election day.

  2. I suspect Nate that some of the wiser heads in the Democrat party are reasoning precisely that, assuming that Trump will humiliate Biden. The problem for them is that I doubt that the Bernie Bros will go quietly into that good night. Plus, they have to pray that his minders can hold Biden together.

  3. Oh quite right, Don. It is immensely entertaining watching the party construct its own Kobayashi Maru around themselves.

    Truly the most ironic part is that the dems (and by that, I’m including the media) could have won fairly easily had they done one simple thing: Treat Trump like a normal president. (Then again, I don’t think they’ve done that for any republican.)

  4. Biden’s VP nom s going to be very important.
    Then there are the Clinton’s. A documentry about Hillary was just released on cable. The promo features her famous glam profile shot from the then highly publicized Vogue photo spread of the First Lady. From some quotes on a talk show it sounds as if she’d be willing to come to the Party’s rescue by being drafted at the convention. For VP?
    What’s up with Bill? After a long silence he’s speaking up about the Lewinsky affair. How the affair helped him deal with his anxiety, the tremendous pressures of being president. Is he trying to rehibillitate himself? Pretty weak. Oh he feels for Monica since her future was pretty much trashed. His former spokesman James Carville is making the rounds of cable shows.
    Timing is everything with the Clinton’s.

  5. The big question is how many Bernie Bros will rebel by staying home, causing trouble for Biden or vote for Trump? Will it be enough to offset the Trump hating feminists.

    I think it will be enough but not sure. Trump needs to energize these disappointed Socialists i.e, Disgruntled Democrats for Trump.

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