Maybe They Should Have A Bake Sale


Businessweek, one of the publications of failed Democrat candidate Michael Bloomberg, has a woe is us article on how difficult it is becoming for independent abortion clinics to make ends meet:

Anti-abortion activists have adopted a two-part strategy. On one hand, they lobby for the continued passage of laws like the one Hagstrom Miller fought before the Supreme Court—abortion-rights advocates refer to these as TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws. And on the other, they try to raise providers’ operating costs directly or otherwise pressure clinics out of existence. It appears to be working. The number of independent clinics, which account for 60% of U.S. abortions, was down to 344 as of November, one-third fewer than in 2012, according to the Abortion Care Network, an association of independent providers. In the parts of the country most hostile to abortion, rates are declining sharply.

Go here to read the rest.  The wages of sin are of course death, and I guess they will just have to be content with that.  Of course when Democrats call for medicare for all, do not think this isn’t one of their major reasons for doing so.


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  1. The devil reveals his plan and Bloomberg and Democrats support as well as many Catholics. This is another outcome of Vatican II where the material good of Man is paramount.

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