Biden the Despicable


Back when Biden had more of his marbles than he does now, he was a nasty piece of work.  Kevin Williamson at National Review Online gives us the details:

He is a vicious self-serving political hack, for one thing, one whose ambition leads him from time to time into shocking indecency. You may have heard that Biden lost his wife and daughter in a horrifying drunk-driving wreck, the fault of a monster of a man who irresponsibly “drank his lunch,” as Biden puts it.

Never happened.

Biden’s wife and daughter did, in fact, die in a car wreck. That is true. It is not true that the driver of the other car was drunk, that he had been drinking, or that there was any reason to believe he was drunk or had been drinking — or even that he was at fault. The late Mrs. Biden “drove into the path of [the] tractor-trailer,” the police report says. But Biden, like every other third-rate ward-heeler of his ilk, thinks and speaks only in terms of good guys and bad guys, white hats and black hats — and if something bad happens to good people, then it must be because somebody in a black hat did something nefarious. The driver of that truck went to his grave haunted by Biden’s lies, to the point where his children were forced to beg the vice president to stop defaming their late father. The casual cruelty with which Biden is willing to subordinate the lives of ordinary people to his political ambitions — for the sake of a petty tear-jerker line in one of his occasionally plagiarized stump speeches — is remarkable.

But that’s Joe Biden. Just a regular guy from Scranton who takes the train to work (with a 20-man security detail swarming the platform at every stop and the aisles roped off to separate him from the riffraff, as I have seen firsthand) whose kids ended up growing vastly wealthy from unpredictable business opportunities to which they had no especial claim beyond their proximity to political power.

Biden was protected by the Democratic political machine and then by Senate seniority; later, he was protected by the Obama administration and by protectors of the Obama administration. And so he continues doing the same things he always has done. Some of you may remember that Biden — who got into trouble for plagiarism back in the 1980s, when I was in eighth grade (and who already was running for president way back then) — was pillaging Margaret Thatcher’s speeches (and Neil Kinnock’s, too, not that anybody remembers him) to flesh out one of his own orations. That was embarrassing. What is embarrassing is that he is still doing it, as the Washington Post reports, with his campaign stealing material for advocacy groups and presenting it as the work of his campaign.

That is a pattern. A man who can lightly misrepresent the circumstances surrounding the death of his wife and infant daughter is liable to be just as cavalier when it comes to, say, slavery, telling a largely black audience that Mitt Romney — Mitt Romney! — wants to “put y’all back in chains.” (Oh, that “y’all”!) Cynical doesn’t begin to cover it.

Go here to read the rest.  At his best Biden was a none too intelligent pol, who got into politics for power and money, and who lied continually in furtherance of those goals.  Now, the establishment wants to put a senile version of this man at the helm of this nation, because he has always been a convenient servant for the powerful in our society, he used to be known as the Senator from MBNA due to services he rendered to the powerful credit card industry in Delaware, while giving smarmy pretense to being a “scrappy kid from Scranton”, a tribune of the people.  Pols like Biden are why most normal people have a strong aversion to politics and politicians.

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  1. Thanks for the timely reminder.
    Don, I am curious as to your take on one of the many conspiracy theories floating in the ether about why the DNC wants Nasty Joe at the top of the ticket: this version says he will name The Hildebeest as his VP and then, in the event they win, he “steps aside for medical reasons.”
    I don’t think they expect to win, although if the Coronavirus scare has the effect they hope for, I guess it’s still possible.
    My view is the summer sun will kill off the dreaded virus, a vaccine will be on the market by then anyway, and all this will be forgotten as the markets rally through the summer.

  2. A man that would seek to benefit politically using the death of his wife and children is a man with no values. Less we forget, he also presided over the “marriage” of two men while Vice President. He has called transgenderism, which denies science and Catholic Theology, “the civil rights issue of our time”. He supports the murder of unborn human babies up until the moment of birth and is willing to make you help pay for it. While professing these these abominations, he is extremely vocal about his Catholic Faith. Disappointingly, with rare exceptions (the Preist in South Carolina) he is not called out on this by Catholic Bishops as a whole. Surely, with the alternative that exist, to support or vote for this man is a mortal sin. The great majority of Bishops remain silent. Go figure.

  3. Biden/Clinton 2020:

    He’s probably forgotten, if he ever knew, that almost nobody votes for the second name on the ticket. The people running probably know that.

  4. Biden should be publicly be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Catholic blogs should demand it along with a statement condemning Biden from the USCCB.

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