PopeWatch: Hysteria

 “When in danger/When in doubt,/Run in circles,/Scream and shout.”

Navy Maxim



The Church in Italy capitulates to hysteria:


All public Masses in Italy are suspended until April 3 because of the coronavirus outbreak. The Italian Bishops’ Conference has announced that it would accept a decree issued by the Italian government on March 8, which called for the suspension of “civil and religious ceremonies, including funeral ceremonies.”

The Italian bishops admitted that it is “a highly restrictive step” to cancel all public Masses, “whose acceptance will be met with suffering and difficulties among pastors, priests, and the faithful.”

“The acceptance of the decree comes solely from a desire to do one’s part, even at this juncture, to contribute to the protection of public health,” the bishops added.

Go here to read the rest.  No , this isn’t a replay of the Black Death.  It isn’t even a replay of the Spanish Influenza of a century ago.  Time for the True Faith to stop being weak, cowardly and pusillanimous.  Sensible precautions, yes.  This is not sensible, and it is a desertion of Catholics to fear and hysteria.

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