A Thought for Today: Perpetual Lent

 “Christians must always live this way, without any wish to come down from their Cross–otherwise they will sink beneath the world’s mire. But if we have to do so all our lives, we must make even a greater effort during the days of Lent. It is not a simple matter of living through forty days. Lent is the epitome of our whole life.“-St. Augustine, Sermon 205, I. As quoted in Augustine Day by Day, March 14th

I don’t claim to live a perpetual Lent as advised by St. Augustine, but there have been changes effected by the forty days. In the main, I try to remember  that Lent is not for Him, but for me.

And a good and fruitful Lent to each of you!



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  1. Very good Bob. Every day should be Lent in some ways as it was fro Christ all of His life. Now with the Corno virus at hand God has given us good reason to return to Christ. Our life is passing quickly. Let us make the most of the time we have.

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