Mr. Howell Approves

From the President of Yale:

We are asking Yale College students to remain at home after spring recess. For undergraduates who are on campus now, please make every effort to return home as soon as possible, and no later than Sunday, March 15. Yale College Dean Marvin Chun will be providing additional details in the coming days. Undergraduates will have the support of the university in meeting their academic requirements remotely while at home. I understand that some undergraduates consider New Haven to be their home or cannot leave the university at this time. The Yale College Dean’s Office will provide separate instructions for these students, who also will take their classes online.

Graduate and professional students are encouraged to remain off-campus and participate in online instruction, unless being on campus is necessitated by the nature of their research or academic programs. More information is forthcoming from the deans of each school.

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  1. In the past several days thos has happened to two of my children. First last weekend it was Ohio State University and just yesterday Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Only “remote learning” classes until “at least” April 12.

  2. I should stop posting while sleepy in bed.
    “In the past several days the same thing has happened to two of my children.”

  3. Both of my children are facing the same. MSU Denver is shutting down March 30. One of my sons is in an off campus program and they are not sure what is going to happen. My other college age son has been told to prepare to shut down.

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