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  1. It IS unprecedented for the Bishops to choose against the Mass. Even during the Roman persecution they had Mass.

    The silver lining, there will be no collections for a very, very long time.

    “when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

  2. NOT the same thing in the Diocese of Springfield IL… Masses will continue although anyone who is sick or who believes their health would be compromised is excused from their obligation to attend.

    Now for the kicker… Bp Paprocki recommended that pastors ADD weekend Masses if they believe the congregation at any of their regularly scheduled Masses will exceed 250 (the limit recommeded by Gov Pritzker for indoor gatherings for the next 30 days) in order to disperse the crowd…

  3. Dio of Saginaw under Bishop Gruss continues to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (I want to say Divine Liturgy). He is “working with pastors” to keep attendance below 250 people. I am honestly not sure how that will work as they have many large parishes. People who are aged (more that 60 years) are dispensed from the Obligation, as is anyone who is “vulnerable” or sick.
    The Eparchy of Parma (Byz Rite) sent out guidelines this morning, I think, mostly regarding hand washing, how to receive Eucharist properly, dispensing the elder and infirm, etc.

  4. Diocese of Saginaw and the Eparchy of Parma will continue to celebrate Mass/Divine Liturgy.
    (Please forgive if this is a duplicate comment.)

  5. My Parish has cancelled everything except Masses and Confession. And Stations of the Cross for now. Probably funerals too.

  6. You ought to write back: these days may not be unprecedented, but this response is, and it reflects no credit on either him or his brother bishops.

  7. We had several hundred at Mass tonight and as my oldest son said, “The homily was basically a giant middle finger to Cupich.”

  8. (Don’s wife Cathy here:) I checked the website for the Diocese of Joliet (where our daughter lives now) this evening. They have cancelled all weekend Masses for this weekend (3/14-3/15), but are waiting to make a decision about future weekend Masses until closer in to each weekend. There is also a separate announcement about parochial schools in that diocese, but I haven’t read that one yet.

  9. “There is a separate announcement about parochial schools”

    Gov Pritzker has ordered all IL schools, public and private, closed until March 30 so whatever announcement the diocese had prepared is probably moot.

  10. Gov Whitmer in Michigan banned gatherings of over 250 people. I suspect other governors are doing the same thing, so it isn’t to surprising the bishops are shutting down Mass. The lawyers are involved (sorry, Don).

  11. The proper response is to offer more Masses, as well as relaxing or suspending the obligation, so no one need feel obliged to go, not cancelling Mass. Suspend the hippy dippy sign of peace, no offering the Precious Blood, and encourage people with even a touch of a cough, or a scratch or tickle at the back of the throat to stay home, and this will be manageable.

  12. We are now living in the world of “crazy”. In NZ, we have 5 – yes, thats 5 – FIVE – people who are infected with the covid19 virus, but none as yet have died. Despite this, our bishops have decided to empty holy water recepticles, refuse Holy Communion on the Tongue – even though this is the proper way (in the hand is still an indult) – and medical evidence has proven that there is no difference to the rare chance of being affected.
    To me, this demonstrates a severe lack of Faith in the benevolence of our God, and further denigrates the Holy Eucharist and continues the protestantisation of our Holy Mother Church.
    I attend now, as often as I can an SSPX TLM in Hamilton 1- !/2 hours drive away every second Sunday. The SSPX are very thin on the ground here, and have Mass in Hamilton 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays, and I will be attending as any as I can.
    The SSPX headquarters for NZ is in Whanganui, 5 hopurs drive away. For the past three years, I and 2 friends have attended the Easter Liturgy there from Holy Thursday till Easter Sunday. It is amazing how the memories from my youth came flooding back, and the realisation of how much we, as Church, have lost with the Novus Ordo. Give me the Vetus Ordo as often as possible.

  13. The governor of Ohio has also restricted large gatherings to under 250 people, with some exceptions, including religious gatherings. In response, our bishop, Bishop Robert Brennan, in communication with the other Ohio bishops, are excusing people from their Sunday Mass obligation for the next three Sundays, if they are one of those who have an underlying condition and are at greatest risk. However, Masses are not cancelled. Thank God. As someone else said, we need more Masses, not less, during these times. There are other things implemented – such as the emptying of the Holy Water fonts – but we can still bring our own containers and fill them up from the large, enclosed, holy water font and take them home with us. He has also suggested Communion be received in hand but it is not mandatory.

  14. Diocese of Harrisburg (PA): Sunday masses optional (sick/elderly advised to not go); Adoration at local 24 hour Adoration Chapel canceled until 3/30. My wife is high risk (elderly, lung problems); She’s decided not to go. I’m 89.95… but reasonably healthy. Should I go??? We’re in a rural area where there are so far no reported cases, but we’re near a big hospital that will, I assume, be a focus for incoming cases.
    I do watch EWTN masses (Liturgy of the Word) when I miss daily Mass, but I’ll not receive the Holy Eucharist that way… ????
    And another question …should I stop receiving on the tongue?? I’ve read contrary opinions on relative sanitation for by hand and on the tongue.

  15. In Cincinnati, we attend a Dominican run parish, St. Gertrude in Madeira. They are going to offer MORE Masses.
    “- We will offer additional Masses on Sunday so that the faithful can spread out and limit crowding, while still enabling people to offer divine worship.
    On Saturday, the Vigil Mass will be at 4.30 p.m.
    On Sunday, Masses will be at 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 1, and 6.
    – Sunday Masses will be simplified: there will be no singing, no processions, and no Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Only the priests will distribute Holy Communion, and they will purify their hands before doing so. Only one server and one lector will assist at each Mass.”

  16. “The proper response is to offer more Masses, as well as relaxing or suspending the obligation, so no one need feel obliged to go, not cancelling Mass. ”

    That would be my instinct as well — keep having Mass for those who want to go and can, but temporarily dispense everyone, or at least people in the high risk populations (60+, underlying medical conditions, etc.) AND their immediate families and caregivers, from their Sunday obligation so no one in doubt about whether they should go feels compelled to go. It goes without saying that anyone who is genuinely sick is excused from Mass, but there could be a bit of a gray area for people who are healthy but concerned about inadvertently spreading the virus to someone who might be vulnerable. As for how to recieve Communion, both hand and tongue reception are fine as long as they are done properly, that is, in such a way as to avoid direct contact between the communicant and the minister.

  17. Yes, the cancellation of the Mass by the bishops who are doing so is a statement that the liturgy is not transcendent, ultimate, and eternal, but simply an optional function, more like a social gathering.

    Well, at least the clergy and bishops will have more time for whatever-it-is-they-need-to-do.

  18. Catechism is canceled for us on Sunday but not Mass. When should be smart about this thing but not panic about it.
    The Polish bishops have called for more Sunday Masses.

  19. Prayer to curtail Corona virus outbreak and heal the afflicted was emailed to the congregation. We are encouraged to pray it daily since as our priest always says “prayer is efficacious”.
    On the advice of the Arlington Diocese, our Mission will have daily Masses, Vigil Mass, Sunday Masses as normally scheduled. Those over 60 or ill or with impaired immunities are dispensed from Mass obligation. Kiss of Peace was suspended start of the new year. ( No one misses it); Reception of the Eucharist on the hand is encouraged, but on the tongue is available. Father keeps hand sanitizer on the altar and uses it before and after Communion. A kneeler is still pulled out for those who wish to kneel while receiving. (If one were thinking it through the kneeler should probably be dispensed since the older folks need to touch it kneeling and rising.) Same with Mass booklets and hymnals). Holy Water fonts emptied 2 weeks ago with cloth napkins covering the bowls. No Stations and Soup Suppers on Friday nights. Abbreviated Stations after Friday a.m. Mass. All other events and meetings cancelled including CCD. The parents are advised to continue their lessons at home. Not sure about Confirmation.
    The Governor has declared a State of Emergency. He closed the schools for 2 weeks. The closure seems knee jerk. The students and their parents are not in the vulnerable age group. Unfortunately it will cause hardship since most parents work and many students receive lunch and breakfast through the schools. As far as continuing studies not every family has a computer. In rural areas broadband is sporadic. The libraries with their multiple computers are the life blood of the hamlets.

  20. “the libraries with their multiple computers are the lifeblood of the hamlets.” alas, libraries are closing also. Where I live, the two nearby libraries are closed from today until March 30th. (No overdue fines, however.)

  21. Schools closed for next week here. If they’re closed for longer than that, I’m taking the kids to see their grandparents in the Southwest.

    And why not? We’re all homeschoolers now.

  22. The private baseball academy where my youngest son is going on Saturdays is still open.
    Weather permitting, I will do next week what I did not do last year and that is visit the family graves.

  23. If our libraries close on the Northern Neck hopefully they will leave the wifi on. After hours those without the internet are in the libraries’ parking lots picking up the free internet.
    With all the closings across the nation and people staying home just maybe we’ll have a population explosion 9 months from now.

  24. Of course, you don’t go to Mass if you are sick, coughing, suffering elevated temperatures.

    I just opened an email from Diocese of Rockville Center, (Nassau and Suffolk County) NY. This Sunday and next two are dispensations from Mass attendance. We still can attend Mass. Also, stated that receiving each Sunday Holy Communion is not required (once a year is), but we still can receive.

    Earlier in February, the Bishop asked us to offer our daily Rosaries for increases in religious vocations.

    We don’t know how bad this epidemic will get. It could heavily impact our priests, especially the older ones.

    Unless I get sick, I plan to go to 0730 Mass and may/may not receive.

  25. Welp, no sooner are 2 COVID cases reported in Springfield (one a visitor from FL who’s in ICU in critical condition, the other diagnosed at an outpatient clinic) than Bp Paprocki announces that all Catholics in the diocese are dispensed from the Sunday obligation until further notice, although Masses will continue to be offered.

  26. “All masses daily and Sunday suspended until further notice in Diocese of San Diego“

    Effective March 26th.

  27. Obligation suspended for Dioceses of Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Mass this morning was the least attended I’ve seen on a Sunday when the Super Bowl wasn’t being played.

  28. Too late to give input, but– Bob, even if you are 100% sure YOU are not at risk, half of the positive results they had on that cruise ship had zero symptoms, so there’s the risk of exposing your wife.

    And this thing really likes lungs in those it really hurts.

    The Japanese gov’t put out all the information on the ship, but short version is something like 3.5k folks on the ship and they tested them all, just under 700 tested positive, only half of those had any symptoms, the average age was 59 and change and a full third were over 70. (for the whole ship, not of the sick)
    7 dead, 15 in critical, 30 were critical and recovered.

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