Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Euphrasia

Invincible emperor, having consecrated myself to Christ in perpetual chastity, I cannot be false to my engagement, and marry a mortal man, who will shortly be the food of worms. For the sake of my parents, be pleased to distribute their estates among the poor, the orphans, and the church. Set all my slaves at liberty, and discharge my vassals and servants, giving them whatever is their due. Order my father’s stewards to acquit my farmers of all they owe since his death, that I may serve God without let or hinderance, and may stand before him without the solicitude of temporal affairs. Pray for me, you and your empress, that I may be made worthy to serve Christ.

Letter of the young Saint Euphrasia to the Emperor Theodosius who had asked her to leave her convent to marry one of his young Senators. The Emperor carried out her requests and she remained at the convent until she died at age 30 in 410.

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