PopeWatch: The Sound of Silence

The Pope announced today that because of the Wuhan Flu Catholics are absolved from paying any attention to anything he says for the foreseeable future.  Papal spokesman, Father Aeger, on the policy:

His Holiness has been having intermittent fevers and is afraid that he may say crazy stuff.  When he is feeling better he will resume communications with the faithful.

Response to the Pope’s announcement has been mixed.  The USCCB voted against making any announcement other than that they will be taking a vow of silence for the remainder of Lent.  American blogger Mark Shea announced that he would follow any fevered rantings of the Pope to the letter.  Cardinal Burke stated that he wanted clarification of the Pope’s statement and that if the Pope did not make the clarification he would seriously consider making, perhaps, and with due consideration for the facts at that time, some other statement.  The American Catholic responded with this video:


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