Viva Italia

Oh, it’s bard to foretell what high emprise
Is the goal that gleams
When Italy’s dreams
Spread wing and sweep into the skies.
Cæsar dreamed him a world ruled well;
Dante dreamed Heaven out of Hell;
Angelo brought us there to dwell;

Robert Haven Schauffler




That’s the spirit folks!

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  1. I wonder, if the Italians wonder, if the Brits had the right idea.

    When Italy asked for urgent medical supplies under a special European crisis mechanism no EU country responded. Fearful of its own shortages, Germany initially banned the export of medical masks and other protective gear. 3M, a producer, said the German restrictions had made it impossible to supply the Italian market. Berlin subsequently relaxed the export rules, but then Austria closed its borders to people arriving from Italy unless they could prove they were virus-free.

    The rebuffs are nourishing resentment that Italy has been abandoned by its European friends. It is a perception that has taken root over a decade, of a currency union that lacks collective solidarity and stifles growth as Italy confronted migrant flows from Africa and the Middle East.

  2. Let us hope we will respond likewise. “These are the times that try men’s souls.”—Thomas Paine

  3. This is what the European Union has wrought.
    The EU tells Poland it cannot reform it’s judiciary.
    The EU condemns Hungary for controlling it’s borders.
    The EU does not lift a finger to assist Italy in it’s time of need.
    The stupid thing started out as a trade association. Should have stayed that way.

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