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Many things change in this Vale of Tears, but one constant we can always rely upon is that David Frum is a buffoon.

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  1. Not a buffoon as much as one of those conservative types with no backbone. They remind me of the tree salesman in A Christmas Story:
    Conservative: This is True!
    The Left: That’s horrible!
    Conservative: True? Heck, that ain’t true!

  2. He has a history of self-reinvention. He invested three years in cadging a law degree, then went back to his previous occupation as an editorial writer, never working in a law office as aught but a summer clerk. He presented himself as a libertarian ca. 1994, then as a warrior against jihad ca. 2003, then as the recrudescence of Rockefeller Republicanism in 2009. The trouble with the advent of NeverTrump discourse is now you’ve got a mess of people trying to horn in on his act.

    You get the impression the man’s whole life has been cosplay.

  3. I have to confess, they’re all starting to run together for me. David Frum, French, Brooks…. I can’t hardly keep track of who is who any more in the pundit pits.

    Probably because I increasingly don’t care either.

    Props to Ernst on nailing it.

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