Trump Press Conference Open Thread

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  1. Does it all come down to $??? I’m down big in my IRA, but if history is a lesson (and liberals/left don’t learn from that) then there will be a recovery. Why don’t we take that for granted. Or am I being cynical in assuming that cash will flow before November to give calm temperaments before voting day?

  2. Bob, politicians will seize upon any excuse to send borrowed money to voters in an election year. I almost always oppose such bribery efforts, and I do so now. However, this is has a bit more justification than usual, as it is panicky government policies which are causing the current economic provlems. I think the recovery should be swift.

  3. I’m thinking we’d have done better with some kind of debt forgiveness and/or payment holiday; maybe something with payroll taxes so employers can keep paying employees even though there’s no money coming in?

  4. Stray thought for the day: If I’m right in thinking (and I may not be) that this started for us largely when we repatriated our citizens stuck overseas in the “hot zone,” then we dodged a yuge bullet with ebola.

  5. Seems to me this whole thing is a massive overreaction; that the current remedies are worse than the disease the nation as a whole. Why not reassess and decide that the small number of deaths are acceptable collateral damage to keeping the economy going?

  6. It is the unfortunate situation that a very large portion of the electorate now wants government to “DO SOMETHING” every time there’s a crisis. Once upon a time, when cooler heads were in prevalence, officials would simply advise patience and reasonable behavior, and the people would be OK with it.

    But now there has to be instant response and solution because the children and feelings and reasons. I can’t say what I think of that sector, else I’d have go to teleconfession.

  7. From a policy standpoint, extension of and streamlining of unemployment benefits would be a better step for the administration to take. Rather than of course the bread and circuses approach of UBI.

  8. I believe that the quarantine is justified. Most people do not understand what they must do to prevent the contamination of covid 19. There is a threat. How bad? Nobody really knows. Like climate change, it is a good guess…to err on the side of safety.
    Tax money belongs to the taxpayers even as the tax money is administered by the administration. Who will get the tax money? Let us hope that at least 50% will get to the injured.

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