eFeeding Your Soul

No, it’s not as good as a physical Mass.

Yes, I know it doesn’t “do” it for a lot of people.

But it’s something.

Obviously, you’ve got EWTN.

There’s also this wonderful website, Mass Online, that has a huge calendar of a massive(heh) number of Masses, video and live.

New York’s St. Patrick’s has a live and an archive.

For the Rosary, there’s Come, Pray The Rosary.  (Uses flash, you’ll have to enable it to get the page to load.)

Catholic Online has the daily readings.

More to explorer


  1. Thank you, Foxfier, will pass it on.
    there is indeed a Saint Corona martyred 170s AD in Syria. She is the intercessor to pray to in times of pandemics.
    Novenas to her requesting aid are online.

  2. “I prefer bugging Raphael, mostly because he has such a pretty name, but it’s always good to have more folks to nag for intercession!”
    St. Rafael is the patron saint of doctors and healers.

  3. Whelp. It looks like I’ve been forced to join e-parish. All public events for the Church in the diocese of Sioux Falls are suspended until further notice. The buildings will be unlocked if you feel like praying during regular business hours.

    I get it. But the battle against this novel pandemic is as much spiritual as material. And we’ve preemptively surrendered on that front.
    I wonder if, long term, this won’t do as least as much damage as the abuse scandals have done. And, in case that seems overwrought, you should also know that, even though the churches themselves are closed to the public, the Diocesan offices are still open. Now, again, I get it. That’s about protecting jobs. But that also goes to my point about the material versus the spiritual aspects of this public crisis. Are we a Church, or are we just another health and human services NGO/public advocacy group/humanitarian-philanthropic social club?

    I’m not liking what the present answer appears to be.

  4. Sioux Falls SD may have an influx of more jobs within the year. St. Paul MN City Council passed “Abortion Appreciation Day” for March 10. The same day the US Supreme Court was hearing an abortion related case. Many St. Paul businessmen were incensed by the decision and my cousin tells me three owners are thinking of relocating their businesses to Sioux Falls. A total of 500 employees.

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