Unicorns and Pro-life Democrats


With the defeat of Congressman Dan Lipinski (D. Il.) last night in the primary, pro-life Democrats in Congress are almost extinct.  For years the Democrat establishment had been attempting to defeat Lipinski, and last night they succeeded.  Any Catholic who votes Democrat is voting for a party whose main organizing principle is the slaughter of the most innocent among us.

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  1. I hope Mr. Lipinski goes over to the GOP and kicks that pro-abort’s rear end all the way back to wherever she came from.

  2. It’s not merely permission of evil, but the legal and institutional harassment of anyone who refuses to participate. And it’s all across the board: abortion, homosexuality, and the quackery surrounding ‘transgenderism’.

    Now, conjoin that to the complete disregard of procedural norms within the social nexus that surrounds the Democratic Party and you’re coming to a point where we cannot live together (1) because there are no referees and (2) they won’t leave anyone alone and (3) there is no defined collectivity because they are packing the meeting with illegal aliens (and smearing anyone who objects). This will not end well.

  3. Frank,
    The union bosses would never allow the lunch pail crowd to vote that way. They were the ones who kept Lipinski in office until the pro-aborts swarmed. Not even being snarky here, but I’d like to here Mark Shea’s thoughts on this one.

  4. The article confuses “pro-life” with “pro-fetus.” rights. While I personally am “pro-fetus, I am also pro-life from conception to natural death. The concern for life from the single-issue anti-abortion crowd, tends to stop at birth. Where’s the support for Universal Healthcare, ending Capital punishment, a living wage, paid sick days, and other Life issues? I for one am voting Democratic because they are the pro-life after the first nine months Party (and a lot of us are also concerned with the first nine months as well).

  5. While I personally am “pro-fetus,
    That is a blatant lie or you would not give your allegiance to a party that supports the death of almost a million innocents each year. From the Democrat platform in 2016:

    We believe unequivocally, like the majority of Americans, that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion—regardless of where she lives, how much money she makes, or how she is insured. We believe that reproductive health is core to women’s, men’s, and young people’s health and wellbeing. We will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers, which provide critical health services to millions of people.”

    “Where’s the support for Universal Healthcare, ending Capital punishment, a living wage, paid sick days, and other Life issues?”

    How is it pro-life to be for crappy government health care, allowing murderers to escape their just punishment and destroying jobs by pricing people out of the marketplace? Get past the talking points and try thinking for a change.

  6. We knew you were voting Democrat when you referred to a baby as a “fetus.” But thanks for sharing your silly rationalizations.
    Some thing are negotiable (what’s a living wage? Is it different if your living at home with mom and dad?). And somethings aren’t. Like killing a baby in the womb.
    First you have to get the non-negotiables right, just in order to get the negotiables right.

  7. Where’s the support for Universal Healthcare,

    In the same place with my support for abortion. I’ve seen enough of the “universal” healthcare to not wish to subject anybody to that nightmare.

    ending Capital punishment,

    You know what? I’d make that compromise, ending capital punishment in exchange for abortion as well.

    a living wage,

    Same place as my support of unicorns.

    paid sick days,

    Never worked a job where I didn’t have those. Maybe you should get out more.

    and other Life issues?

    Funny how all these “life” issues seem to lead always to a reduction of freedom. All the efforts to give dignity to the person ends up giving them the dignity of cattle.

  8. I’d like to here Mark Shea’s thoughts on this one.

    He’s a professional word-merchant, the ratio of ‘thoughts’ to ’emotional spew’ in his verbiage has been in a state of uninterrupted decline for about 15 years now. Not sure there are any thoughts anymore.

  9. The concern for life from the single-issue anti-abortion crowd, tends to stop at birth.

    I think liberals have had this phrase running on continuous loop in their brains since Barney Frank first uttered it, nearly 40 years ago. Then they thought in aphorisms; now they think in cliches.

    Where’s the support for Universal Healthcare,

    Where’s an understanding of scarcity and cost on your part. Medical care and long-term care are not country air. Producing them requires assembling and allocating productive resources and people propensity to consume will always exceed what one can supply. You need to ration. You can ration with prices, ration with queues, ration with administrative regulations, ration with lotteries, ration with structured auctions. You must always ration and allocate. And you’ll never come up with a plan about which you do not have misgivings.

    ending Capital punishment,


    I have no clue why you’d run interference for the crew who did this, and, from about 33 AD to about 1965 AD, you’d have had to scrounge to locate a prelate who would not have assented to the perpetrators receiving what was due them. (See Fr. Avery Dulles SJ on what Gospel accounts suggest in regard to the licit quality of capital sentences).

    a living wage,

    The year my uncle was born (1927), American workers typically received about 98% of their compensation in the form of cash – wages, salaries, per diem, piece rates, commissions, & bonuses – but mostly wages and salaries. Cash compensation for the average employee at that time translates into wages of about $10.80 an hour or a salary of about $1,700 a month in today’s currency units. (The median value would be somewhat lower). Somehow, they lived; my uncle is still alive.

    paid sick days,

    About 3/4 of all employees have paid sick time. It’s a reasonable wager that the remainder have a Wal-Mart type deal where all their paid time off is in one pool or are working per diem or are working off the books.

  10. Same could be said of Rod Dreher.

    Dreher hasn’t been decaying. He’s been the way he is for about 20 years now, likely longer.
    Dreher’s anxious, other-directed, and histrionic. Aggressive, he is not.

  11. I find it difficult to shed a tear for Mr. Lipinski. He may be pro-life, but how does this square with being a member of the party of death and voting to impeach the President of the United States, the most pro-life President in modern history. Participating in, and voting for any Democratic Party candidate is like saying I didn’t vote for Adolf Hitler, I just voted for the member of the Bundestag who elected him Chancellor.

  12. “ending Capital punishment,” It is easier to end Justice and the dignity of the condemned whose citizenship in the state through his power of attorney brings himself to Justice.
    Roe v. Wade purported to be due process for the newly begotten, morally and legally innocent soul. The duplicity did not bear the burden of proof that the newly begotten innocent soul had sovereign personhood. In denying and delaying such a necessary burden of proof, Roe v. Wade is the greatest miscarriage of Justice. The moral and legal innocence of the newly begotten sovereign person institutes the state and is the standard of Justice for the state. There is no blank slate. The sovereign personhood of the person’s soul wills to survive or becomes a miscarriage, as we all must will to survive. A free will act as proof of the soul, the living and growing baby cannot have atheism inflicted upon him…by the government.

  13. “We believe that reproductive health is core to women’s, men’s, and young people’s health and wellbeing.”
    Roe v. Wade disenfranchised every man of his child.; legally made the father of his child, the unconstitutional parent.
    The Constitution was written “to secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity” our Constitutional Posterity, all future generations. “We, the people” are being decimated by abortion, baby body parts are being sold for profit and the taxpayers are being extorted to fund this monstrosity.
    We have no living unicorns nor any “gay” sodomites.

  14. Even with Lipinski pro-life democrats were extinct in Congress, unless you consider pro-life to mean laboring to support your party’s candidates all of whom are proabortion?

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