The Great Darkness of 2020

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  1. (This is where I meant to post this, not under Me Too.)

    We have ties to a “Movement Church.”*
    I stopped by to drop something off. The door was open, the staff waved at me, and I was able to visit the Nave to listen to the recorded worship music (my eldest son calls it “Jesus Rock”) for a few minutes.
    Then, prayer book in hand, I went downtown to the Roman Catholic Church. The main door was locked. As was a side door. Sigh. I will try again today and go to the parish office first.
    I know my own parish in the next town over, which is a very small mission parish, is locked because it is in a sketchy part of town. We have had some break ins. Staff is not usually on site. I am thinking I will call Father to see if he will have the main church (an hour away) unlocked this weekend for private prayer, as I do not think our Byz Rite Bishop has forbidden that kind of gathering.
    *A “movement church” as I call it are non-mainline Protestant churches (Episcopal, Methodist, etc) that usually play Hillsong or Elevation Worship, Mass Anthem, etc. They have worship bands and are very “into the Holy Spirit.” The one in our town hosts our local Right to Life chapter.

  2. Very hopeful news developing – it seems a French research team was able to duplicate and confirm the preliminary findings from teams in both China and South Korea that hydrochloroquine with zinc stops the RNA replication process used by the coronavirus; I sure hope that is true; I’d like to see 1-2 more independent tests done quickly to confirm those findings. See this video from about 8 days ago at the YouTube MedCram site for an explanation of how zinc interferes with the growth of the virus:
    I think (and hope and pray) that we have something very useful unfolding here which may really help blunt this coronavirus…

  3. Spelling error: Hydroxychloroquine…the French government has ordered wider spread testing of this potential new therapy in their hospitals. Seems an Australian team completed similar testing of this approach; I’m not sure of that yet – trying to track down confirmatory sources now…but I like where I think this is going…

  4. I could attend an SSPX chapel in my neck of the woods, but my wife is pregnant and has diabetes, and my mom is on chemo.
    It might be wrong to go. What do you guys think?

  5. Clay, you are a son, a husband and soon to be a father.
    It does not matter what we guys think.
    Do what you have to do. Do your job.

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