Hollywood to the Rescue


This demonstration of completely clueless Hollywood virtue signaling is getting ferocious comments online.  Go here to read some of them.  Dealing with something serious boys and girls.  When we want your input—well, we will probably never want your input on much of anything.

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  1. Isn’t that nice. Doing what they do best, raising fatuousness to a new level. With some Vatican II bromides they might even do better.

  2. I hate that song. It’s such a pretty lie, so deceptive. Dammit Gal, I mistakenly thought you were smarter than that.

  3. Amen, David WS. At least I got to enjoy her in Wonder Woman before I found out she’s just as shallow as the rest of them.

  4. So, in San Jose, taking excellent advantage of a crisis, Mayor Sam Liccardo—-you’ll remember him as the one that ordered San Jose Police to stand down and not protect Trump rally attendees in June 2016, so that they were attacked while the San Jose PD stood by and watched, or also he was the mayor who wanted to try to force legal gun owners to have “firearm liability insurance”—- sent out his personal police force yesterday to close down a small neighborhood gun shop only a few blocks away from me, that had customers lined up around the building to get in. He determined this was a “non-essential service.” The gun shop owner wisely complied and didn’t argue.

    Of course the hypocrisy is that Bass Pro Shop Is only about a mile away still within San Jose city limits and is selling hundreds of guns a day (of course, after the 10 day waiting period in California). I don’t think he wants to take on a major corporation.

    Instead of focusing on the fact that San Jose residents don’t feel safe under Mayor Sam—- Mayor Sham sees an opportunity to seize more power. Meanwhile Amer Sam and his arm security around him because San Jose is not a safe place for ordinary people. Even without coronavirus

  5. Pretty tune, but among the most meaningless lyrics ever written. I lost it when I realized that Lennon was wagging a finger at the masses in the part where he writes ‘imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can (with an emphasis on you). Then it hit me that he performed the song in video form from his sprawling, multi-million dollar estate with a Rolls Royce in the driveway. I’ve often said that sums up the post-war liberal approach to values as much as anything: Do as I say so I don’t have to do as you do..

  6. Steve Phoenix, All your liberal mayor had to do was give the shop owner a warning about the long lines and ask him to operate differently rather than closing him down. Gun shop owner could advertise online and post a notice on the shop door asking prospective buyers to call the shop to make appointments to come in. Apparently Mayor Liccardo doesn’t go by “Shop Local” and he likes the campaign contributions from bigger stores. Seems to me there should be enough gun buying business to go around.
    My oldest son in S.F. bought his first gun last month. Partly for a now cancelled high desert camping trip but also for self protection. In times such as these, he knows one cannot count on the police.

  7. Nothing like a .01 percenter telling the out of work 99 percenters to “imagine no possessions”. They don’t need an inane song and inaner actress to remind; for many it is immediate stark reality.

  8. Let’s see. .

    Darkness is the absence of light.

    Cold is the absence of heat

    Evil is the absence of good.

    Hell is the absence of Heaven. There is no third choice. No heaven is pure HELL!

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