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  1. Well that’s the debate right now isn’t it? You don’t have to poke hard to get Shea and people like him flipping out about this deal. Apparently if the government can act to save even one life (and they always believe the gov acting will save lives), then it must do so, no matter the cost.

    Then you are the worst monster trying to point out that the government is mortal, and there are costs to every action.

    It all gets so tiresome and makes you wonder how such a society could hold together.

  2. Apparently if the government can act to save even one life (and they always believe the gov acting will save lives), then it must do so, no matter the cost.

    That of course is an excellent argument for the death penalty, and all sorts of policies opposed by the Left. The whole if it saves one life mantra, is the first refuge of bad policies.

  3. FYI. Ohio Governor Dewine issued a stay at home order earlier this afternoon. It takes effect at 11:59 pm tomorrow night and goes to April 6th. It is complete madness.

  4. My neighbor is self employed. He runs a commercial insulation business. if he isn’t working he isn’t getting paid. He was ready to start a job and was told that the job site was shut down. He can’t even go to work with a couple of other guys in an empty building. This is madness. Portage County, where my mom and brother live – has one case. One.

  5. This is madness

    The only thing missing is the airplanes dropping Cuban paratroopers and their Soviet ChiCom advisors.

  6. Closing thought for the day:

    Old and Busted: Ban All the Things!

    New Hotness: Protect People From All the Things By Banning All the Things!

  7. Nate, of course Mark “I work from home” Shea thinks it’s ok to wreck other people’s livelihoods, otherwise he wouldn’t be a liberal. It’s always about Mark, all the time. Also, a contrary view would require perspective and common sense, something all libs lack.

  8. @Father o 7

    Oh he’s gone quite unhinged on his blog and twitter. Some quotes:
    “You mean holding responsible for the pandemic the idiots like Boris and Donald who totally bungled pandemic response instead of a bunch of poor people in the Amazon? Oh the humanity! Hold the responsible accountable!”
    “Obama got us through multiple pandemics and built a pandemic response team that warned Trump there would be more to come. He destroyed it. Your cult is about to pay in blood for his criminal incompetence when COVID swamps our health care system and stresses the global economy to the breaking point. It’s tragic you have chosen to put your faith in this sociopath who does not care if you live or die.”
    “While you sit here and sneer, priests are dying like flies in percentages disproportionate to their numbers because they are out on the front lines ministering to the sick and bringing them the sacraments and human consolation. The death toll of Italian priests is huge. They will soon be dying here too.”

    Quite frankly I wonder how the Catholic church is going to survive once all of its clerical staff being wiped out by Black Death 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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