PopeWatch: Words Fail

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  1. We can be thankful for the Our Father said round the world a few minutes ago. An additional Our Father said for author for the idea of the indulgence and the world wide prayer.
    Always the good news and the bad news with PF.
    I guess he doesn’t believe in Original Sin. Or that a bazillion babies murdered through abortion might be a causation.

  2. Gaia is mad at us?
    Well, nothing can be done but to begin human sacrificing to appease her… Any recommendations as to which Gospel, Readings, and Psalm are appropriate to ripping a still-beating heart out?

  3. This… this is absolutely hilarious.

    Posted 5 days ago on March 20th, Mark Shea on his blog said:

    Here’s reality, Jesus corrected the simplistic assumption that all sickness is punishment from God. Very often, it is a sharing in the cross of Christ.
    . . .
    This is why it is just stupid to add to human suffering with pious gloating.

    Well apparently old and busted is “sickness is punishment from God.” New hotness is now “sickness is punishment from Earth.”

    I know he would rationalize it faster than the speed of light, but it’s still hilarious to imagine Mark’s broad flame thrower catching his sainted pope in its flame.

  4. Nate, maybe someone will remind him of what he said and ask for clarification in light of what Pope Francis said.

  5. In fairness to Pope Francis, however, think of what the Church in general has shown the world: 1) Religion is like bars and bowling alleys: non-essential, and 2) it turns out you can get close to God without going to Church (something many outside the Church have been saying for generations).

  6. Being that Corno was created by man in a Chinese laboratory nature has nothing to do with it. Bergoglio again doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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